Justin Simon – Content Repurposing Roadmap

Are you creating too much content with no plan to get it in front of people?

We’re all creating more content than ever. But without a plan to distribute your content…

  • You’ll live on the content creation hamster wheel
  • You’ll waste time and energy
  • Your best content dies on the vine
  • You’ll miss out on the majority of your audience
  • You’ll keep doing “spray and pray” distribution
  • You’ll keep being reactive instead of proactive

LESSON 1 & 2: Mindset shift 🤯

  • Understand the 4 myths that are holding you back
  • Learn (and solve) the number one problem that keeps you running behind

LESSON 3 & 4: Content audit ✅

  • Learn the 3 types of content you need to build an engine
  • Get real-life examples
  • Know how to audit and plan your content for success every quarter, month, and week.

LESSON 5 & 6: Content engine ♻️

  • Get a step-by-step tutorial on how to repurpose a blog (+FREE template)
  • Learn how to turn social media posts into a blog
  • Map your content onto a repurposing calendar

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