The Brand New Ultimate Tax Bible Program

The Brand New Ultimate Tax Bible Program

All self-employed and home-based businesses (including real estate investors) will profitfrom this course!  All types of entities – Schedule C, partnerships, corporations, LLC ‘s.

“This is a course you must have if you plan on being in business. The plain language explanation of these tax reduction strategies should be required reading for all self-employed entrepreneurs” – Allan Domb, Top Producing Realtor, Center City Philadelphia

What You’ll Learn In The Brand New Ultimate Tax Bible Program?

  • 200+ Little-Known, Brilliant & Updated Tax Reduction Strategies! Any one of these can save you hundreds even thousands, let alone 200 !!
  • 7 Proven Tax Tips You Must Know to Forever Cut Taxes
  • How To Deduct Almost Everything You Pay… With over 250 Deductions! You will become a walking tax deduction !
  • 18 Ways to Audit Proof Your Business Returns… Let IRS Forget You and your wallet! AVOID the costs, time and aggravation of an audit!!
  • The Right Entity for Your Business That Saves You The Most Taxes!
  • 17 Ways to Write-off $1,000’s of Capital Assets — All in One Year!
  • 19 Ways to MAX Auto deductions…”Drive” away your taxes!
  • Is Leasing an Auto Really Better? When you should, or should NOT!
  • Deduct Your Vacations > Let the IRS Pick Up The Tab!
  • 13 Ways to Deduct Entertainment …Profit & Have Fun While Doing It!
  • Use Your Own HOME to Generate Tax Savings – Sleep while you save!
  • How to safely claim Home-Office Deductions – not a red flag…If you do it RIGHT!
  • Hiring Assistants – 9 Ways to Save Costly Payroll Hassles
  • Use Family Members to make your business grow and Lower Your Tax Bill!
  • Deduct 100% of Medical Deductions as Business Expenses
  • 36 Ways to Maximize Valuable Business Deductions
  • 9 Ways to Create Wealth With Retirement Plans … Tax-Free!
  • Reduce Those Killer Social Security Taxes from eating up your income!
  • Lower Your Quarterlies… You Keep The Interest!
  • Find Hidden Tax Dollars from the Past…Let the IRS Make You Rich!
  • Contains Many Tax Gems Even the Best Tax Advisors Do Not Know!
  • And Much more!

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The Brand New Ultimate Tax Bible Program

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