The Masters Program

The Masters Program

If you’re ready to take your copywriting to a higher level, The Masters Program is the next logical step. In this program, you’ll learn — and master — the secrets and strategies that Mark Ford, Don Mahoney, Paul Hollingshead, Carline Anglade-Cole, and countless other Master Copywriters use to produce winning sales copy … letter after letter … month after month.

This program goes far beyond basic copywriting skills. It reveals much deeper, more sophisticated writing techniques … techniques that will help you connect with your readers in a more powerful way. Your writing will become more irresistible. You’ll make more sales for your clients. And you’ll command higher fees as a result.

Using these same secrets and techniques, in the last two years, Paul Hollingshead has earned $1.38 Million. You could do the same, increasing your personal bottom line by 2x, 3x, even 10x!

AWAI’s basic copywriting program has given you everything you need to have a solid understanding of copywriting and to be a successful working copywriter. But if you want to be a star, then you’ll want to step up your game. The Masters Program helps you do just that.

You’ll have a lot more skill …

You’ll be much more confident in your copywriting abilities …

You’ll use sophisticated, advanced secrets to propel your copy to a much higher level.

And, for your efforts, the money will be better. Much better.

The industry doesn’t just need new copywriters. It needs Master Copywriters. This program will take you to the next level. Join us today.

What You’ll Learn In The Masters Program?

  • The secret of “Just Three Things” — a surefire technique for opening your prospect’s mind to the message you want to give him …
  • The “Blockbuster Formula” — the shortest path to the most effective copy on earth …
  • How to master the “Big Idea” and the “Mike Palmer formula” for anchoring your sales letter with a strong one each and every time …
  • A very advanced Masters secret that ensures your prospect never loses sight of why he’s reading your sales message and why he should stick with you from beginning to end.
  • How Master Copywriters develop a “Market Mindset” that lets you spot new sales and promotion ideas during your day-to-day life. (Imagine ending each day with too many ideas to work on the following day!)
  • A simple technique to ensure you’ll never write a weak, non-specific, uninteresting, boring, “nothing” headline again.
  • “The Secret of Indirection.” This alone will transform your copy in ways no ordinary copywriter can compete with.
  • The “Core Complex”? It’s how to know what your reader really wants — and what you need to do in your copy to connect with him on that much higher level.
  • And much, much more.

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The Masters Program

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