Niharikaa Kaur Sodhi – Medium Guide

How to write a story on Medium that people want to read?

Still writing on your personal blog?

How do you think people will find your blog post with the hundreds and thousands of blog posts published every day?

I moved to Medium so I don’t have to work around SEO. And guess what – it helps me make money too. 🙂

But there’s one thing… it has its own set of guidelines to follow without which it’s extremely hard to earn money.

Who is this for?

  • Those who want to write better articles on Medium
  • Those who want to publish ‘curated’ articles (so Medium distributes it for you)
  • Those who want to make money writing on Medium

What will you learn?

  • Medium Hacks
  • Essay Essentials
  • Writing Tips
  • Never Run Out of Ideas
  • My 4-step Writing Process
  • 2-step Editing Process
  • Create a compelling article
  • Why do such few people ‘make it’ and others don’t
  • Mindset shifts for winners

Who is this not for?

Those who don’t put in the work. If you don’t help yourself, no strategies or ‘hacks’ will help you.

Why learn from me?

  • I’m a 20x top-writer
  • I earned over $10,000 in 2021 from this platform
  • I’m an editor and columnist of Medium’s second-largest fitness publication – In Fitness and In Health

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