Writing Compelling Leads

Writing Compelling Leads

A Shortcut to Writing Strong Headlines and Compelling Leads So Easy to Use … They Practically Write Themselves Every Time

Writing Great LeadsImagine a shortcut that makes writing headlines and leads easy … almost a no-brainer.

And then imagine using that shortcut on every project a client hands you. You’d never suffer again from the nerve-wracking, dreaded Blank Page syndrome.

Veteran copywriter John Forde, the writer behind countless multimillion-dollar controls, is a master at coming up with eye-catching headlines and can’t-look-away, compelling leads.

His secret? A simple, methodical shortcut that works every time.

And now you can use it, too.

In this new master program, Writing Great Leads, John boils down his secret method into a few easy-to-follow steps. Learn them and you’ll pen strong headlines almost without thinking. And compelling leads will practically write themselves. Every time!

For all its power, John’s shortcut is so simple that anyone can master it — from brand-new writers all the way to seasoned pros. It’s like owning a “headline and leads blueprint” you can follow again and again.

John’s Writing Great Leads is a proven program that always delivers a consistent and powerful result. John first devised this method to train writers for a prominent direct-response marketer, where it remained a closely guarded secret for years.

Now it’s available to the public in video format. John guides you step-by-step through his process in 9 master videos, each one building on the last. You’ll sharpen your headline and lead writing skills with targeted exercises and quizzes. And finally, expert worksheets and numerous bonuses ensure these new skills “stick” with you forever.

What You’ll Learn In Writing Compelling Leads?

  • Ask and answer this crucial question, before you ever write a single word
  • Use the “Power of One” to laser focus your lead’s message
  • Pick the perfect type of headline for any project, any audience, in any market
  • Brainstorm the perfect Big Idea, faster and with more confidence
  • Craft the perfect opening line for any story lead
  • Hook your reader in mere seconds, right from the first sentence
  • And have the prospect scrolling for the order page … in as little as 3 seconds!

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Writing Compelling Leads

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