Travis Sago – Big Ticket Email Mojo
If You Can Write at a 6th Grade level AND Have an Email List that Gets at Least 500 Opens…Then In 10-14 Days…
Here’s What You’re Getting:

  • Discover The Missing Piece to Selling Big Ticket Without Hassle: You’ll get started making sales right away! And when you see the ONE missing piece to selling $500, $1000, $2000 and $5000 offers or more using ONLY email you may feel unstoppable. You can sell your own offer or someone else’s. Yes, Big Ticket Email Mojo totally works for affiliate offers too!
  • Discover Your Big-Ticket Email Mojo Offer: If you’ve already got a lower ticket offer…You’ll see how to raise your offer to a Big Ticket price…AND have it sell EASIER than ever before.
  • IMPORTANT: You MUST be selling something that is good and solves a problem for someone. But if you meet those requirements, the OFFER MOJO training creates buying frenzies and will have you slapping the “sold out” sticker on your big ticket offers faster and simpler than you may have ever thought possible.
  • Create Buying Frenzies: With the “AHA!” Based Email Mojo Process you’ll own what could almost be called magic when it comes to persuading people to open their wallets AND hearts when they read your email without being a great writer and WITHOUT delivering a lot of content.
  • This is the heart of EMAIL MOJO. And is a skill that can never be taken away from you even if email disappears. Many clients use this one of a kind process in their landing pages, Facebook posts, advertorials, ads and more.
  • Mother Nature’s RAPID Bonding Sequence: Your list can’t “hate you”, but if they are “unresponsive” don’t worry, Bonding Mojo warms them up to you again.
  • You’ll find out Mother Nature herself has the most powerful bonding mojo in existence and you’ll see how easy it is to tap into this bonding process so you and your email subscribers benefit.
  • AND if you are buying cold traffic and putting them on your email list, Bonding Mojo heats them up like a microwave heats and pops popcorn.
  • BRING IN CASH WINDFALLS & Launch your first 10 to 14 day Rainmaker Campaign: You’ll start making sales in week one, but when you get to this training, you’ll start your 10-14 day Rainmaker campaign! Nothing against copywriters, but fancy techniques aren’t needed. You’ll be using simple 6th grade level writing here along with your secret weapon: The “AHA!”
  • Based Email Mojo Process.
  • You’ll get help at every step along the way with the live training calls and support area.
  • How comforting is it that the RainMaker Email Campaign is so proven we can closely predict the amount of income from the 10 – 14 days?
  • Here are the numbers we EXPECT after a Rainmaker Campaign:
  • Take the number of OPENS you get on average and multiply by:
  • $25 if you’ve got a $500 offer
  • $35 if you’ve got a $1000 offer
  • $50 if you’ve got a $2000 offer
  • $75 if you’ve got a $5000 offer
  • EXAMPLE: You’ve got 1000 opens and a $1000 offer, so you’d multiply 1000 times $35. So, we’d expect, based on past results, to pull in roughly $35,000 for the campaign.
  • Craft your G3 Order Form In 60 minutes Give or Take! … Listen to this module, then whip up your own G3 order form in about an hour. (You may be shocked as you watch the $500 to $5000 sales notifications rolling in… all from your email traffic sent straight to the G3 Order Form.)
  • FYI: G3 means GIMME! GIMME! GIMME!
  • What to do if your campaign doesn’t go well: This may be the MOST important training in the course because most people GUESS when a campaign is NOT converting.
  • You will never have to guess again. This is why Email Mojo students see PREDICTABLE results and income. Take the guess work out and your campaigns will never be hit or miss again. Rainmaker Email Campaigns bring in cash like clockwork because we do NOT GUESS!
  • You’ll see it’s so easy to find out:
  • 1. What people are actually buying 2. Why they are not converting.
  • It’s simple to FIX campaigns when you know EXACTLY why people aren’t buying at the POINT OF PURCHASE.
  • This is NOT about surveys. Surveys can help, but they do NOT happen at the point of purchase and therefore aren’t
  • 1/10th as helpful as what you’ll start using.
  • With your access to Big Ticket Email Mojo you’re also getting CHAT MOJO which is the only training available about how to STOP GUESSING why people aren’t buying so you can fix it and profit.
  • If you’re thinking, BOY this could be helpful outside of email, you are EXACTLY right.
  • Live Weekly Q and A: You’re getting the multi-million dollar offer crafting skill, help and support personally from Travis Sago. Every Wednesday at 3:00 PM Central, you’ll get together to brainstorm and answer any questions you may have, you’ll be working on your offers…and you’ll go deep into anything else you need to ensure your email campaigns successfully bring in cash and garner goodwill with your subscribers. (You’ll also have access to the recordings.)
  • Dozens of Templates, Examples And Weekly FUNwork: As you’re moving along through each module, you’ll be getting access to dozens of profitable campaigns, examples and templates…You’ll use these templates and examples again and again to multiply your investment in the course.
  • You’ll also get weekly FUNwork assignments that ensure you are moving forward and gaining the skills to get your own Rainmaker Campaign up and running.

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