Soft Topic Copywriting Secrets Home Study Course
Finally, A Breakthrough Copywriting Course Designed to Maximize Your Sales by Showing You How Your Heartfelt, Integrity Marketing Connects Directly and Authentically to Your Customers’ Needs and Desires . . .
What and How . . .

  • The Soft Topic Copywriting Home Study Course consists of SEVEN 2 Hour Modules — 14 Hours of immediately usable copywriting techniques supported by an in-depth grasp of the soft sell mindset — the basis for Matching Your Message to the Heart of Your Market.
  • The 7-module curriculum is:
  • Module 1: – Mind Management: Yours and Your Reader’s
  • Five questions you must answer before you write a word
  • What does your reader REALLY want?
  • Features and benefits and the difference between them
  • The hook and how to identify it
  • FAQ’s
  • Module 2 – The Headline: Like a Stop Sign
  • What’s your story?
  • The purpose of your headline
  • Core building blocks of your headline
  • Tearing headlines down and putting them back together – only better
  • FAQ’s
  • Module 3 – Body Copy: Structure
  • The overall structure of your sales letter
  • Examples of different approaches to copy structure
  • Four questions readers need answered
  • Beats: from sub-head to sub-head
  • FAQ’s
  • Module 4 – Body Copy: Persuasion
  • Five elements of effective persuasion
  • Writing in compelling chunks
  • Bullet points
  • What to do to inspire action
  • FAQ’s
  • Module 5 – Email: To Sound Spontaneous
  • Your point of focus
  • Writing from the heart
  • Inspiring your reader to take action
  • The power of autoresponders
  • FAQ’s
  • Module 6 – Subject Line: A Knock at the Door
  • The facets and angles of your message
  • How long should a subject line be?
  • How a subject line does what it does
  • Conceptual vs emotional subject lines – and how they are different
  • FAQ’s
  • Module 7 – Unseen Influence: 7 Psychological Triggers
  • Searching for patterns
  • Simple rules of thumb
  • The central route vs the peripheral route
  • Shortcuts and stereotypes
  • FAQ’s

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