The Complete Candlestick Trading Course: With Live Examples

The Complete Candlestick Trading Course: With Live Examples

Learn About The Candlesticks I Have Found To Be The Most Profitable In Trading.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to trade candlestick patterns
  • How to trade inside bars
  • How to trade evening stars
  • How to trade morning stars
  • Japanese candlestick patterns


Hello my fellow traders!

There are hundreds of candlestick patterns… do you really need to know them all to be a successful trader?


Don’t waste your time learning all the freaking candlestick patterns out there because I’ll tell you right now… they won’t make you a successful trader.

I’ve spent hundreds of hours reading about candlesticks, studying candlestick patterns, and trying to find what candles work the best.. and truth be told. A lot of it was a waste of time.

The most important part when you trade candlesticks isn’t actually the candles themselves… It’s the zones and areas you trade them in. This is what so many beginning traders get wrong – they trade candlestick patterns anywhere on the charts when they shouldn’t be.

With that being said, there are certain candlestick formations which I have found to be more profitable than others. These are the candlestick patterns I cover in this course.

IF you really want to succeed in trading, I would check out my other courses. This course will definitely help you gain some knowledge on candlestick trading but this is just a very small piece of the bigger puzzle.

I wish you all the best on your trading journey.

Enjoy the course!

Much Love

Who this course is for

  • Beginning Traders
  • Traders who want to learn more about candlestick patterns

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