Financial Markets and Treasury Management

Financial Markets and Treasury Management

A Guide to the Most Commonly Used Financial Instruments, and How Businesses Use Them to Maximize Financial Efficiency.

What You’ll Learn

  • The purpose and functions of a treasury department
  • Working Capital Management
  • Knowledge of treasury products (in terms of features, benefits, risks and their use in risk mitigation strategies)
  • Money market instruments: pricing and market conventions for trading (Negotiable Certificates of Deposit, Treasury Bills, Repo Markets, and Commercial Paper)
  • Debt: the main types of debt facilities and their characteristics
  • Equity: Introduction to the Capital Asset Pricing Methodology (CAPM), and Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC)
  • The Business Lifecycle (launch, growth, maturity, and decline) and its effect on revenue, debt, and working capital
  • Business day conventions, and day-count conventions used by traders in financial markets
  • Simple and compound interest and discount rates
  • Central or Reserve banks, their functions and how they operate
  • Explanation of various rates quoted in the market (Fed Funds, Repo, Prime, Discount, Overnight etc.)
  • An introduction to derivative products (forwards, futures, options, and structured products combining all of the above)
  • An introduction to replicating portfolios and no-arbitrage pricing assumptions
  • The fixed-income market (forward-rate agreements, interest rate swaps, and bonds)
  • Foreign exchange markets (market conventions, cross exchange rates, forward exchange contracts, and cross currency swaps)


Are you a junior analyst working in a financial role?

Do you wish to receive a solid grounding on the most important financial instruments that are used by companies to solve their everyday financial problems or maximize their financial efficiency?

Do you want to understand how the systems of central (reserve banks), inter-bank markets, capital markets and equity markets fit together?

If you answered yes to any of these questions above then this course is for you!

The Financial Markets and Treasury Management Course brings together all of the knowledge I have acquired in my studies of Advanced Mathematics of Finance, combined with my years of experience as a dealmaker at one of the largest investment banks in Africa. In today’s ever-changing and unpredictable world, multi-disciplinary knowledge is vital in expanding one’s problem solving toolkit. The concepts taught in this course are extensive and cover a broad area of financial markets (from government treasury, to corporate treasury), and most of the most commonly traded financial instruments seen in these markets.

Use this course to broaden your area of expertise in general financial markets, and deepen your understanding of how all the various cogs in the system align and come together to form the financial ecosystem underpinning the global economy.

Who this course is for

  • Junior analysts working in treasury or financial departments, or experienced professionals looking for a refresher course on the theoretical concepts behind the functioning of financial markets

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