Petko Zhivkov Aleksandrov – Bitcoin Trading Robot – Cryptocurrency Never Losing Formula

What you’ll learn

  • Trade with Bitcoin trading Robot(Expert Advisor) in order to open profitable trades
  • How to handle a losing trade and not have losses in the account
  • Build your account by adding $200 of profit with every profitable trade and never a loss
  • Trade the Bitcoin – handle the trades from any device as mobile, tablet, laptop
  • Trade in both directions – when the price is going up, and when it is going down
  • Use the major direction of the Bitcoin trend, and trade together with it
  • Learn how the Bitcoin trading robot works, and what are the formulas behind the indicators
  • Avoid the feelings in manual trading – the main reason why most people lose on the market


  • You should be able to use a Personal computer at a beginner level
  • You should be willing to trade the most volatile cryptocurrency
  • Ready to learn the Bitcoin trading robot system and become a professional trader
  • Stable internet connection is required in trading the Bitcoin


Are you looking for an easier way to trade Bitcoin? Algorithmic trading is possible now for cryptocurrency trading, and in this course, you will learn how to trade with Bitcoin trading Robot.

With every positive trade, you will add $200 to your account, and the negative trades will be closed without losses with the help of the mathematical formula that you will learn.

In this course, Petko teaches his semi-automated system with Bitcoin trading Robot. He will provide you with a Robot(Expert Advisor), and he will show you how to use it to open trades automatically using 2 of the most popular indicators.

The system follows the trend, which makes it more reliable. The beauty of the strategy is that you do not need to stay in front of the screen. The Expert Advisor will do the analysis and execute the trades for you. All you need to do is to combine it with the Never Losing Formula.

Petko Aleksandrov – Head Mentor in EA Forex Academy, will provide you with the cryptocurrency Never losing formula that he uses successfully with the Bitcoin trading Robot. This formula can be modified for any cryptocurrency trading asset, but it works brilliantly with the Bitcoin trading robot.

What will you learn in this Bitcoin trading robot course?

  • how to apply the Never Losing Formula to avoid losses in the trading account
  • what is the Bitcoin trading robot, and how do we use it
  • identify the trend with Bitcoin, and trade with the major direction
  • how to place the Bitcoin trading robot over the chart and all the indicators from it
  • what are the RVI, Stochastic Oscillator, and Envelopes indicators
  • execute the trades with the Bitcoin trading robot
  • combine the opened trade with the Never Losing Formula
  • trade in both directions and have maximum profit

The course is supported by many live examples, which will make the system very clear to you, and you will be able to apply it by yourself.

Regardless you are a beginner or advanced trader, or you do not have any trading experience, you are just curious about the Bitcoin that everybody is talking about. Mr. Aleksandrov will go through each step and show you all you need to know in detail to trade cryptocurrencies, especially with the Bitcoin trading robot, without losses.

The Mentor will share a fantastic formula that he calls the “Never losing formula,” which you can use to handle losing trades in your cryptocurrency trading in such a way that you will always end up on profit or worst case scenario on 0.

“The Huge investors are selling out the Bitcoin to buy it at a lower price, which is very normal,” says Mr. Aleksandrov in the course…

That is why a Robot is needed to catch these moves, and the Never Losing Formula is required to protect our capital.

Petko shares that the profitable traders are not the ones with the most knowledge, but the ones that are not greedy and have no fear of trade. That’s why in this course, you will see his Bitcoin trading Robot system for always having a $200 of Take Profit on each trade, which is just enough according to him.

You will learn how to optimize the Expert Advisor for your broker because all brokers provide different quotes of price, which forms different Historical data. In the course, Petko demonstrates the professional strategy software EA Studio (if you wish to use it, you may sign up and use a free trial period).

Who is the Instructor?

After University, Petko Aleksandrov graduates from the London Academy for trading, where he starts to develop his trading strategies with surprising profit from cryptocurrency trading. He was invited to stay in as a mentor and trader, but he decided to proceed on his own with the algorithmic trading because he already knew that this was the future.

He created the Academy, where he teaches Bitcoin trading Robot algorithmic systems to avoid these two students’ feelings. He also has Semi-Automated systems and Manual courses where he depends on mathematically proved formulas and reliable statistics and research.

In this Bitcoin trading robot course, he will show you the Meta Trader platform, where you will need to place the trading robot. It is the only trusted platform for algorithmic trading. More, this is a FREE platform for trading.

As with all his other courses, you will receive full support personally from Petko within 12 hours.

The Bitcoin trading robot course comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked.

The best thing – you receive lifetime access to this course, which means that all improvements of the Bitcoin trading robot system from Petko you will have at the moment!

Enroll now and become a better trader!


Don’t just take my word for it. See what my past student had to say about the Bitcoin trading robot course:

Ivaylo Belev -> Magnificent!! I gained extremely valuable knowledge from this course, and I can’t wait to put it into practice!

Allan Philip -> Great lessons, everything I need to be a better trader and understand the formula for calculating how to not loss whether the market moves up or down. I finally found a method that explains very simply how to calculate what had been a mystery to me.

Raymond Oh -> Mr. Petko Aleksandrov is a genius! The NLF is simply a MASTERPIECE! I think it could even be the holy grail I have been looking for! I have been a daytrader and an investor in the markets for stocks, ETF’s, forex, futures, and options over 15 years but have yet to achieve consistency with most of my prior experiences. This NLF will change that. I can see it now and I am so excited. I want to point out a few things to a newbie looking to learn about trading or a seasoned trader looking to improve his P&L, but is not sure which course to choose from the vast offerings of Udemy. Base on the lectures of this course and combining a few observations with what I have learned about trading, investing, and other education services for investing in my past, I can give the following compliments to Petko.

  1. There’s a saying in the investment education industry: those who trade (successfully) don’t teach, and those who teach don’t trade. This assertion absolutely does not apply to Petko, because in my opinion, he is a top trader and an excellent educator at the same time. His lectures are well planned, well narrated, and easy to follow. And did I mention the NLF is a Masterpiece!
  2. There’s also another saying in the trading community: keep your losses small and your winnings will take care of themselves. Well, if you have been struggling to achieve this level of trading success, you are looking at a set of instructions given in this course that could turn that struggle around right here, and right now. As I moved along the course and watched Petko executes his trades using the NLF method, I could visualize my trading success or the lack of it being about to change for the better, and much better. So, thank you, Petko. You have already changed my life. Now I just need to roll up my sleeves and trade with your instructions – like a robot.
  3. Petko is a generous man for offering his NLF formula to the public with such a reasonable and affordable price. In addition, he gives away the EA without hiding the source code. The source code will prove to be valuable to his students who are experienced with programming. Again, thank you Petko, for your great work and an awesome trading course!

Alejandro Scian – Great course. I had the chance to test it and checked that the formula works. Also de EA Robot works perfectly, up to this moment.

Christopher Avenant – I was afraid to start because I knew nothing about trading. Petko has a very calm and logical approach and his teaching style really helped me to overcome my fears. The course is all you need, no-frills, and no fuzz. Fact: no course in the world can change anything for you unless you apply what you’ve learned.

Who this course is for:

  • Everyone who is willing to trade with a Robot and not to stay in front of the screen
  • Everyone who is prepared to manage the trade professionally without losses
  • Traders that do not want to pay any costs for the actual purchase or mining the Bitcoin
  • Traders who wish to learn the Bitcoin trading robot system and benefit from the value of the price

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