Kevin Haggerty – Trading With The Generals

What You Will Learn..

  1. The Generals: Learn How to Recognize and Trade With Them
  2. My Core Framework
  3. Trading within the Framework: Sequence Trading
  4. Primary Strategies
  5. Selection of Daily Stock and Index Trading Setups
  6. Risk Control and Money Management
  7. Interactive Case Studies: Learning to Apply Your Knowledge to the Real World
  8. Q & A Session

I. The Generals: Learn How to Recognize and Trade With Them

Who are the Generals and why are they important to you as a trader?

The Generals are large mutual funds, major money managers, and broker/dealers. They are important to you because they are the ones who move the markets.

I will show you how to gain an edge in your trading by teaching you the specific behaviors the Generals repeat over and over again as they react to information flow.

The best part of this is that you and I can monitor this very same information each day. You will learn how the Generals think and operate so that you will be better equipped to know what to buy, when to it buy it and how to trade it.

You will also learn how the Generals, hedge funds, market makers and specialists all interact with the order flow on a daily basis including the retail emotional flow.

Having this knowledge enables to you to trade on the same side as the Generals and professionals as they move the market, instead of getting whipsawed along with the weak hands.

This knowledge, together with the strategies and advanced tools I teach you, will enable you to trade both sides of the market in any environment. It matters little whether you are trading during bull or bear markets.

II. My Core Framework

To be a successful trader over time, you must have a solid framework of how the markets react, and their underlying price relationships. Once you have this, you can develop trading/investing styles that emanate from that structure.

Kevin Haggerty will teach you my Core Framework in my course. It is a powerful, simple, easy-to-understand approach to the market that identifies high-probability trading/investing opportunities with positive mathematical expectations, excellent risk/reward and minimum capital exposure.

And here is the key point: There is nothing subjective about this Core Framework. It is based on market facts and relationships that are proven over decades of market action and my own observations of their primacy.

All traders are constantly influenced by news and price surprises, so in this volatile market environment, having a Core Framework is most important to long-term success.

This framework is applicable to all major markets and timeframes, regardless of whether you trade futures, stocks, bonds, FOREX or longer-term mutual funds.

It is the best way to develop enough conviction and confidence to pull the trigger on the high-probability trades that you will generate from my sequence method of trading.

III. Trading within the Framework: Sequence Trading

Kevin Haggerty method of trading within the core framework is called “Sequence Trading.” It is a much less stressful approach to trading/investing, which enables you to make decisions without the emotional barriers that hinder most traders.

In this course, you will learn how Sequence Trading combines volatility, price and time with some powerful and explosive strategies to identify highly probable trend reversal and continuation zones, This is in addition to support and resistance trading opportunities.

The Sequence Tools that you will learn enable you to anticipate levels of opportunity in advance and not rely on lagging indicators that confirm trends after the fact. It is a disciplined, lower-risk and profitable method of achieving success in the markets, especially when combined with my best strategies.

The strategies included in the course are based on how the markets trade and also how the Generals – hedge funds, specialists and OTC market makers – influence the “game.”

IV. Primary Strategies Plus Advanced Tools

Once you fully understand how the Generals move the markets, I will teach you the best strategies to use on a daily basis in order to trade in sync with the flow of their money in and out of the markets.

Whether the market is basing, advancing, topping out or declining, you will have an optimal strategy to apply. Plus, I will teach you how to use the advanced tools that I use in order to improve the probability of each trade as well as other tactics that I have not taught in previous courses.

You will learn:

  • Sequence Trading. How to combine volatility bands, standard deviation, Fibonacci price and time measures together with many of my most powerful and explosive strategies so that you can identify high-probability reversal and continuation zones.
  • Kevin Haggerty favorite first-hour trading strategies. You will learn how to apply my Trap Doors, Gap Pullbacks, Gap Reversals and Flip Top trading strategies to trade alongside professional traders who make most of their money during the first hour of trading.
  • How to trade powerful moves fueled by program traders. I will teach you the easy but explosive Slim Jim strategy to enter intraday breakouts that are triggered by program traders during certain hours of the day.
  • How you can use options with some of my most powerful strategies. I will explain several options strategies that are very effective with my patterns.
  • How to find the best trades through early detection of buying and selling pressure. Whether you are a daytrader or long-term investor, I will show you how to select the best trades by identifying which stocks are under significant buying or selling pressure before your entry.
  • All of my primary strategies, plus how to incorporate them with advanced tools, such as my Volatility Bands Standard Deviation, Fibonacci price and time measurements, and regression channels.

This knowledge, together with the strategies and advanced tools I teach you, will enable you to trade both sides of the market in any environment. It matters little whether you are trading during bull or bear markets.

V. Selection of Daily Stock and Index Trading Setups

What is the best way to ensure your success in applying the strategies I teach you during my course? The answer is.consistent planning and preparation-every day, no exceptions.

In this portion of my 20-hour course, Kevin Haggerty will show you how my preparation ritual plays out each day after the market closes.

You will learn how to combine my proprietary screens with the TradingMarkets Stock Scanner to quickly and efficiently identify stocks that are exhibiting buying or selling pressure. As you find these stocks, you will just add them one-by-one to your hit list for the next day’s trading.

And once you have your full list of stocks in hand, I will walk you through the step-by-step process of analyzing their charts in order to find the trades that have the highest potential for success if they are triggered the next day by a continuation of buying or selling pressure.

VI. Risk Control and Money Management

  • In the next part of the course, Kevin Haggerty will help you to master the most underutilized, yet most important, key to successful trading – controlling risk with proper money management. It is particularly important to equip yourself with the right money management strategies during the challenging markets ahead.
  • Kevin Haggerty will teach you how to use The Traders’ Equation, a formula for trading discipline that I have applied for years in order to unhesitatingly execute entries, initial stops, trailing stops and exits as my trading strategies dictate.

VII. Interactive Case Studies: Learning to Apply Your Knowledge to the Real World

Finally, to ensure that you are able to successfully apply every strategy and technique that I teach you, I will test your comprehension by applying, practicing and drilling your newfound knowledge at recognizing and selecting trades.

Kevin Haggerty will give you numerous real-world chart examples to work from and analyze. Going through one chart at a time, we will take time out to analyze the patterns and identify trading setups and the proper course of action as the patterns may dictate.

After we examine the charts, I will explain how I arrive at my conclusions in order to ensure that you completely understand why I take action in the way that I do.

At the end of this course, you will have in your possession nearly 350 examples of all the patterns which you can then utilize in your trading.

VIII. Q & A Session

In the final section of my course, I take you deeper into my thought process as I answer questions from your trading peers who attended the live version of my course

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