Charles Faulkner – Mastering High – Risk Decision Making

In this 102-minute DVD you will learn from mind master Charles Faulkner how to train your inner mind to be successful in the trading arena. Using Neural Linguistic Programming, Charles walks you through those big decision moments. You will also find that just by applying some of the techniques shown on this DVD, such as the 5 key elements, that many challenges will become clearer and that you will be able to act more decisively.


  1. Beginning
  2. I Guarantee It
  3. 5 Key Elements
  4. Minimizing Risk
  5. Big Decisions
  6. Well-Formed Goals
  7. Step into the Trade
  8. What You Do in the Markets
  9. Why We Trade
  10. Following My System
  11. Risk is in th e Trader
  12. Computational Problems
  13. Creating a Decisive Mind
  14. Neural Linguistic Programming
  15. Q and A
  16. The Fish Test
  17. Testimonials
  18. Trade School
  19. 10 Trading Rules
  20. Final word

About The Author

Charles Faulkner A prolific innovator, Charles has pioneered methods for accelerated language learning, as well as medical and financial decision-making. He is particularly well-known for his work with futures traders and his research on the role of “metaphor” in communication and behavior.Charles is the author of Metaphors of Identity and chief architect and co-author of NLP:The New Technology of Achievement and Success Mastery with NLP.

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