What’s In Store For Your Lending Business in 2020?
75 – 200 Hot Long Form Mortgage Leads Every Month for Only $10/ day
Dear Loan Officers and Brokers,
This step-by-step course will teach you to become a mortgage lead generation machine! You will follow along and watch over the shoulder of The Lead King Russ Ward as he shows you the EXACT steps he uses to generate thousands of leads for his personal clients every month!
Working With The Lead King will get your business to
“The Next Level of Massive Success!”

Step 1: Select the Area You Want to Target
Pick any area you would like to target. Our lead generation systems work in EVERY city in North America!
Multiple States
Geographic Areas
No matter where you live or how niche you want to target our program will work for you. We show you how to use multiple ad variations to ensure you will get great results regardless of your area!

Step 2: We Show You How to Do Everything! Set Up Your Ads, Set up Your Chat Bots and Everything Else!
All Ad Copy is Done For You. You Simply Copy/Paste the Templates!
Your Funnel is Pre Made For Your. We Show You Exactly How to Edit it For Your Business.
All Chat Bot is Pre Made For you. We Show You Exactly How to Install Them!
We Show You How to Get All Leads Sent to You INSTANTLY the Moment They are Generated
Here’s The Simple Truth…
If you work with The Lead King Russ Ward you will get more leads than you can handle and your closings will skyrocket!

Step 3: Automate the Process
Lead contact information will be automatically populated and sent to your CRM.
Lead contact information will be automatically sent to a Google sheet where it is acessible from any place at any time..
Your chat bot will immediately engage your hot leads while you wait for the perfect moment to join the conversation!
Nobody has time to ONLY use old school spreadsheets to track their leads!
We show you how to automate the entire process from start to finish so you are notified INSTANTLY when a new lead enters your Funnel and / or chat bot.
Leads will click on your ad, they and they will complete your long form quiz. From there, they will enter your chat bot and an automatic, real-time conversation will begin.
You will see all of this happening in real time!

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