If you’re Sending Emails within your Business or planing on doing so, this course is for you! We will use MailChimp, which up to 2000 Email Subscribers are FREE to use for Email Marketing. With MailChimp you’ll be able to automate emails you send out. This Course is 100 % Practical – learn Email Marketing from the beginning.
“So far it’s great! Very comprehensive course, every question I’ve had in my mind so far has gotten answered, lovely.” – ItsFrickinVegan

In This Course You’ll Learn to:
Build a Converting Landing Page
Create Email Lists
Learn to Add Subscribers Manually
Send Emails Personalized Emails
Create Sign-Up Forms
Add Sign-Up Forms to Your Website
Design and Add Pop-Ups to Your Website
Get Subscribers at Live Events with a Tablet.
Design and Manage Email Templates
Create Campaigns
and MUCH More!

Start Growing Your Email List Today!

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