Dan Ray – White Hat Link Building System
It’s time to stop worrying about where your next backlink is coming from
What EXACTLY Do You Get?

  • 1) Access to All of My Project Templates
  • Beyond the detailed documentation, I’ve created walk-through guides to explain step by step how your core team members will get each type of link.
  • They are literal step by step, data entry level instructions that anybody could follow. Everything about this system has been built to “turn-key” specifications, I make it almost too easy to delegate each task to your team.
  • Included are 3 files for each of the 20 different link types that can simply be handed to the relevant team member:
  • 2) Link Training Files for All Core Team Members
  • 1) The Complete Link Rolodex – explains what each type of link is, how it can be used and what type of campaigns it’s useful for.
  • 2) Prospecting Step by Step – shows your prospector exactly how to find targets for each individual link type.
  • 3) Outreach Step by Step – shows your outreach hire exactly how to pitch and negotiate specific link types.
  • 3) Hiring the Perfect Team Step by Step
  • You’ll receive a comprehensive, easy to understand guide, and “copy-paste” job listings so you can just sit back and wait for the perfect candidates come to you.
  • I also give you copy and paste sample tasks so that you can weed out the people who aren’t up to the standards you need.
  • 4) Easy to Follow Course Layout and Structure
  • I’ve designed the system to be beyond simple.
  • Just go through each lesson, one at a time, download the files, and follow the instructions.
  • You’ll have the exact same file structure used by me and my team.
  • You just need to give each team member access to their relevant folder. From there, let them follow my instructions, and do their thing.
  • Having gone through the detailed hiring process, you can rest assured.
  • Your team will be working while you’re spending your time… exactly as you like to spend it.
  • As you progress through the training system, it will remember exactly where you were on your last login, so you can pick up right where you left off.
  • You can also save your favorite lessons so you can easily go back to them at any time for a refresher.

Sales Page: http://danray.me/link-training/
Download Files Size: 95.7MB
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