Ben Cummings – Search Find Buy
Build A Profitable Physical Products Business. From The Ground Up.

  • Module 1: The World’s Most Perfect Business
  • You can consider this module as the foundation of your Amazon business…
  • Ben here shows you why this is the best opportunity you can go for today and how he built his business. He shows also many case studies of his students.
  • You’ll learn the business plan that he advises you to follow to build your business as well (Ben was able to make about $125K in revenue in his first year following this plan)
  • You also learn how to set up your business even if you are living outside the USA.
  • Module 2: PIGS & HOPPS
  • This is an abbreviation that Ben uses for his unique method of finding promising product opportunities to sell on Amazon.
  • I can assure you that no one never ever has taught this method. It’s the best product research method I’ve ever seen.
  • Ben’s idea here is to know where everybody is looking and look in the opposite direction. You’ll learn the criteria that makes a good private label product and what products you should avoid.
  • Module 3: How To be a Product Sourcing Ninja
  • This is when you pick a product and want to source. Ben teaches you how to find a supplier and negotiate with him like a pro. He gives you templates for negotiation processes (series of contact points) so you can be confident while negotiating. He also covers the suppliers problems and how to overcome them.
  • Module 4: Packaging & Shipping Your Product
  • In this module, you’ll learn how to choose to ship in a smart way that can add to your profits.
  • You’ll learn also how to add your product on Amazon FBA, choose a brand and a product name. And how to package your product in a way that increases its value in your customers’ eyes.
  • Module 5: Launching Your Amazon Product
  • This is the main strength of Ben Cummings. He is famous for launching products that generate sales and rankings from day one! He even calls it the New Product Launch Formula. In this module. he teaches you how to create your product listing on Amazon and optimize it for maximum conversions. This includes what you need to do with your copy and your product images.
  • He also explains the 3 factors that affect Amazon rankings (not like ranking in Google if you think in that) and how you can do them during your product launch to give your keywords a boost in rankings from the beginning (you’ll also learn how to choose these keywords wisely.)
  • Module 6: Rank Your Product To Page 1
  • This module is the difference between success and failure on Amazon.
  • Here you’ll learn how to rank your product for the lucrative keywords andcontinue improving these rankings continuously (I’m sure you know that
    rankings are the key to passive income when it comes to selling on Amazon.)
  • And finally, Ben covers the basics of Amazon Sponsored Ads and how to use them to create what he calls a “Sales Spark” which will further help your rankings

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