Wpdefenders-Ultimate WordPress Security Manual 2019

  • The WP Defenders security manual will show you how to:
    + Protect your site against Brute Force attacks
    + Secure your WordPress installation and login screen
    + Setup a WordPress Firewall and defend against malicious scripts
    + Ensure secure file and folder permissions.
    + Setup safe yet functional Security Headers.
    + Configure your .htaccess file for optimally balanced security and functionality on Apache servers
  • What’s included:
    + Easy to Follow Step-by-Step Instructions with Screenshots in PDF format.
    + Ready to Paste .htaccess file with pre-configured Security Headers!
    + BONUS The 5-Minute website Speed Optimization guide.
  • By Securing Your WordPress Website From Hackers you
    + Prevent a Defaced Website
    + Prevent Being De-indexed by Google for Malware, Malicious Links or Spam
    + Avoid Downtime and Lost Visitors
    + Avoid Losing All Your Hard Work
    + Avoid Losing Your Income Stream
    + Avoid Headaches and Hassles that can last for months or even years!
  • Tell-tale signs that your WordPress website could be hacked:
    + You notice ads, popups, or new pages that you did not create promoting gambling and pornography
    + You may notice that suddenly your website is much slower
    + You check Analytics and see a huge drop in visitor traffic to your website
    + You find your domain name blacklisted on spamhaus or other blacklists
  • Who This WordPress Security Manual is For:
    + Business owners who manage their own WordPress site
    + Internet Marketers who manage WordPress affiliate sites
    + SEO Agencies & IT administrators who manage client WordPress sites
    + The average Do-It-Yourself Blogger who uses WordPress for blogging
  • Who This Guide is NOT For:
    + Not for blogs hosted on wordpress.com. This is for self-hosted WordPress sites on a Apache server (the most common type of http server on the planet).
    + “The most COMPLETE and up-to-date security optimization guide for WordPress that I’ve seen anywhere. Perfect for the average joe website” -Andrew M.
    To Recap, using the WordPress Defenders: Security Manual 2019, you will help protect your website against:
    + Brute Force attacks
    + SQL Injection attacks
    + Clickjacking x-frame attacks
    + Cross site scripting XSS attacks
    + Malicious spiders and bots
  • Sales Page: https://wpdefenders.org/
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