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How we get web design clients on autopilot

Let’s face it. You probably get new clients from referrals or cold calling currently. Getting referrals from friends and families or from previous clients is the wrong way to get new clients. First of all, it’s not scalable. If you don’t have a big family or many friends, you won’t be able to get clients consistently. It’s terrible and frustrating to depend on clients referred from friends and family. If you get a client referred now and then, that’s fine, but you have to look for new ways to get clients consistently.

Depending on referrals from your previous clients is also not the way to go. If you are in a phase where you have done 500+ website projects, you might get enough referrals from your previous clients to cover each month. But if you are just a starter or looking for new ways to grow your agency, referrals only will not be enough.


One of the mistakes we frequently see is cold calling. You probably have tried this before. This is not the way to get clients. It takes a lot of time searching for businesses, and cold calling is not working anymore how it used to work a few decades ago. We live in a fast society. Time is money. Businesses get called all the time by companies selling their products. It’s just too hard to close a website on the phone. Besides that, you don’t even know the business, and when you propose a few thousand dollar website, they will get scared and probably reject you. And if you are not a salesperson, then you probably also don’t like cold calling.

But no worries, you will never have to cold call again if you join Web Design Elites!

Sales funnels are the key to getting new web design clients.

Not just in this industry, if you know how to use sales funnels properly, you can get sales, leads, and clients in almost any industry.

When I started my agency, we always tried cold calling, cold email, cold outreach etc. Basically, always ask things in our favor and convince a prospect to buy our web design service. This is the wrong strategy. In life, you cannot always ask for things. Giving is more important.

The moment we started giving value first instead of asking, our business grew exponentially overnight! That’s why we use sales funnels. It allows us to provide value first by offering something for free that helps businesses. Because we do not try to sell something but give value first, businesses respect and trust us.

Most agencies try to get clients this way:

  • Cold call a business
  • Try to convince them to redesign their website
  • Build the website

Like we said before, this is one of the most complicated ways to get new web design clients. Most of the time, you will get rejected.

We get clients this way on AUTOPILOT:

  • A business sees an advertisement from one of our lead magnets. Most of the time a free ebook, audit, checklist etc.
  • A business visits our sales funnel, gives us their name, email, and phone number
  • After giving their information, they can download the free ebook or lead magnet.
  • After they downloaded the ebook, 3-5 automated emails are sent to the business to push them to read the ebook, in case they didn’t read the ebook yet. In the emails, we introduce ourselves, build a relationship, and convince them to book a call with us.
  • The business starts reading the ebook and is happy with all the free value we give them. They begin to realize that they need to optimize and redesign their website as soon as possible. We invite them in the ebook to book a free call with us to talk about their website, or if you don’t like phone calls, we ask them to email us.
  • The business read our emails, read the ebook, and realizes how important it is to optimize their website, rank higher in Google etc. They have a good feeling with our company because we gave so much value in the ebook and emails (all automated), we were always ready to provide free advice and reply to their questions. Now that they are interested in a new website, they will contact YOU instead of contacting them.
  • The business will book a call with us to discuss their website and most likely buy your web design service.

Do you see the difference?

Most agencies reach out to businesses and get rejected. But this way, a business will reach out to you, and all this is automated. In Web Design Elites, we give you at least 3 sales funnels that grew multiple web design agencies and generated over 7 figures in revenue.

If you implemented these sales funnels successfully in your business, you will get web design leads daily. All the leads you receive went through this sales funnel process. They read our automated emails, ebooks, lead magnets, and more.

The sales funnels make it so easy to get new web design clients, because you don’t have to convince a business to redesign their website anymore. They are already convinced to optimize their website. That’s why they reach out to you. The only task you have is to listen to the business and offer your web design service. The sales funnel converted a prospect/website visitor into a new web design client.

I hope you understand now what a sales funnel is and how amazing this is for your business.

The great thing about Web Design Elites is that you don’t have to build sales funnels yourself! We already did everything for you! You can just copy our copywriting, ebooks, scripts, advertisements, and more! All these sales funnels generated over $1 million in revenue. We made it super easy to use them. It’s a one-click import sales funnel. You can implement these sales funnels in your business in less than 5 minutes! It’s literally plug and play!

In Web Design Elites, you will get so much more than just the sales funnels. We give away multiple strategies, resources, and bonuses to scale your web design agency to the next level!

So what are you waiting for? We are so confident that you will like Web Design Elites, that we’re willing to give you a 14-day money-back guarantee. You have nothing to lose. If you don’t like it, we will provide you with a full refund, no questions asked.

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