Twitter Ads Masterclass
It’s a 90 minute long, no-fluff, digital training for small business owners who want to increase their leads or sales.
What Will You Learn Inside?

  • – The step-by-step button-by-button process for setting up your first campaign
  • – How to setup separate conversion tracking for leads and sales
  • – The secret setting I use to triple my click through rate and cut my cost per click in half
  • – How to avoid common mistakes that would kill your ROI
  • – Target mobile or desktop traffic, or even how to reach specific mobile users (android/iOS)
  • – How to know when to optimize for clicks and when to optimize for conversions
  • – How much to bid per day and per engagement to maximize profit
  • – NEW: How to use the new message sequencing campaign type that just came out
  • – How to setup Twitter retargeting campaigns
  • – How to automagically remove new customers from your retargeting campaigns so you don’t annoy them
  • – Master the 4 different types of targeting and when to use each
  • – The best type of landing pages to use with Twitter ads for listing building
  • – The best type of landing pages to use if you’re trying to sell high ticket products, coaching, or services
  • – How to use Twitter ads if you’re an affiliate for a product instead of the product owner
  • – My specific campaign recipe for selling services to clients willing to pay $10,000+
  • – How to write good Twitter ads (do this wrong and you’ll piss off Twitter users)
  • – Tools you can use to help you make Twitter ads even more profitable

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Twitter Ads Masterclass

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