Travis Sherry & Jason Moore – The Paradise Pack
Discover how to create an online ‘lifestyle business’ so you can
…Even if you have no clue where to start.
What’s in the Pack?

  • Freelancer Start Up Programme (value $280)
    by Michelle Dale
  • The Freelancer guides you through a complete DIY process of setting up your Freelance or Virtual Assistant Service
  • Business fast and on a tiny budget. If you’re just starting out, you’re not quite ready to commit full time, and you’re low on start-up funds, this is for you!
  • Frequent Flyer Bootcamp 2.0 (value $997)
    by Travis Sherry
  • In Frequent Flyer Bootcamp 2.0, the new version of the world’s best-selling course on travel hacking, learn to use FF miles to fly worldwide for under $100, use hotel points for free lodging, & more! Whether or not you’ve travel hacked before,
  • you’ll be flying around the world for (almost) free in no time.
  • Build Your Own Content Machine (value $499)
    by Nat Eliason
  • Learn Nat’s exact process for finding article topics, writing about them in a way Google likes, and then getting them ranked on the front page for years to come, building a blog that gets 100,000+ monthly visitors from Google. Nat has achieved amazing results on multiple sites.
  • Wantrepreneur to Entrepreneur Bootcamp (value $997)
    by Brian Lofrumento
  • The Wantrepreneur to Entrepreneur Bootcamp isn’t another online course. It’s a bootcamp designed to get you to take massive action, giving you all the step-by-steps and ready-made templates for you to take your business from idea to reality with your first paying customers or clients.
  • The VA Starter Kit (value $348)
    by Hannah Dixon
  • The VA Starter Kit will equip you with all the tools and skills necessary to set strong foundations for success in a VA or freelance career. Learn to highlight your existing skills and capitalize on them in a digital environment, gain immediate visibility as a new VA, and stand out in a crowded marketplace.
  • Authors Writing Academy (value $697)
    by Azul Terronez
  • The Authors Writing Academy is an online community designed to help writers publish their book. Find out the proven, simple formula for writing a book that sells, used by best-selling authors like Pat Flynn. The academy’s 6 modules guide you through the entire process from idea to book launch!
  • Branding You Masterclass (value $397)
    by Jonathan Levi
  • In the Branding You Masterclass, learn how to build and expand a business across Kindle, podcast, Udemy, email, & more.
  • Like the creators of this course, turn your online “side project” into a fully-fledged media company that helps hundreds of thousands of people all over the world.
  • The Roaming Income Club (value $99)
  • by Nat and Jodie
  • The Roaming Income Club is an online membership site with interviews, resources and cheat sheets from travel lovers just like you to help you explore various income options for your freedom lifestyle. You get access to all the resources, plus lifetime access to all future additions to the Club!
  • WTF Should I Do w/ My Life?! (value $97)
  • by Jacob Sokol
  • In WTF Should I Do w/ My Life?!, watch 34 interviews with top thinkers for wisdom on navigating a life-course with integrity, authenticity, and a deep sense of purpose. Gain insight on groundbreaking scientific findings about lasting happiness, achieving goals, and creating a fulfilling life.
  • Pinterest for Bloggers (value $67)
  • by Silvia Lawrence
  • In Pinterest for Bloggers, learn how Silvia consistently gets hundreds and often thousands of Pinterest referrals a day.
  • She’ll show you how to skyrocket your Pinterest traffic and connect with an engaged audience from around the world without spending more than 45 minutes a week on Pinterest.
  • Hobby Hacking (value $497)
  • by Sean Ogle
  • Whether it’s hiking, travel, crafts, sports, cars, or something else, there’s probably at least one thing you’d love to spend more time doing. In Hobby Hacking, learn how to build a brand around something you love, monetize that brand, and reap the benefits of building your name within that industry during the process.
  • Master Your Mind (value $97)
  • by Caroline Makepeace
  • In the Master Your Mind program, learn to recognize the various saboteurs, the positive aspect of their presence in your life, and the specific strategies to master them. Learn to overcome fear, manage overwhelm, deal with people, handle rejection, cope with failure, maximize your time, and more!
  • 21 Days to Discover Your Passion (value $97)
  • by Chelsea Dinsmore
  • Feeling uninspired? Have no clue what you’re passionate about? Break through with Passion Discovery Actions to help you build your mindset, create congruence, define your change, and set up rituals for success. Build massive momentum toward doing work you love in 21 Days!
  • SEO for Bloggers (value $197)
  • by Matt Giovanisci
  • Get More Traffic to Your Blog by Mastering SEO. In SEO for Bloggers, learn how Matt uses SEO (search engine optimization) to get millions of visitors to his blogs each year. See all his tactics, strategies, and tools he uses successfully on his 3 blogs. His methods just plain work!
  • The Budget Minded Traveler Blueprint (value $59)
  • by Jackie Nourse
  • The Budget Minded Traveler Blueprint is for you if you want to make international travel a priority. It’s a comprehensive guide to international travel, taking the most practical steps from the Budget-Minded Traveler award-winning blog and podcast and putting them together in one place.
  • 7 Days to Be Seen 2.0 (value $97)
  • by Gabrielle Wallace
  • Learn how to make a popular YouTube channel and create powerful content that magnetically attracts your ideal viewers for free, even if you don’t have an advertising budget. This course will educate, motivate, and support you with the strategies that work for getting authentic, organic views and subscribers.
  • Productivity Power for Writers (value $99)
  • by Tim Leffel
  • In Productivity Power for Writers, transform your week and get on the right track to accomplishing great things in your writing. Whether you’re an author, freelance writer, or blogger, follow these steps to combat overwhelm and get organized–in a creator’s way. Accomplish more and meet your goals without working more hours!
  • Irresistible Podcasting (value $497)
  • by Adam Clark
  • Launching and growing a podcast is a lot of work, but it’s not as hard as it may seem, as you’ll discover in Irresistible Podcasting. In this 11-module video course, you’ll go step-by-step through the various stages of creation, growth, gear, and, of course, ways you can make money with your podcast, even without a massive audience.
  • Products to Profit Live Class (value $1,297)
  • by Matt Kostan
  • Paradise Pack exclusive! Ever wanted to build a real 4-hour work week business that can actually pay the bills? Here’s your chance! Learn exactly how you can build your very own physical products business and make recurring passive income. You’ll learn how to leverage the power of Amazon and branding hacks to have your products stand out from the crowd.
  • 6 Figure Coaching Business Bundle (value $997)
  • by Emily Utter
  • In your 6 Figure Coaching Business Bundle, you will receive: Financial and Goals Action planner tools, pricing and packaging training, access to the How to Handle Objections training, the Objections Slayer worksheet with word-for-word responses to the most common sales objections, and a private session with Emily’s team!
  • Lifetime Access to JournoHQ (value $140)
  • by Dane Homenick
  • What’s your story? Journo is an app to help you write about your incredible life. Features include custom designed maps to track your travels, ability to add as many pictures or videos as you want, collaboration tools, and different journos to suit your needs: daily gratitude, project and travel. Plus, you can create mementos like prints and photo books. You get lifetime access! Currently iPhone only, Android coming soon.
  • The Language Gym (value $149)
  • by Benny Lewis
  • Fall back in love with language learning with The Language Gym! Benny has condensed his years of research into an easy-to-follow system that shows you how to put your language learning on autopilot. In this 21-day habit building program, you’ll receive daily mini-classes on how to build a language habit, plus a 5-minute task to do every day.
  • Ideal Year Workshop (value $69)
  • by Natalie Sisson
  • In the Ideal Year Workshop, you’ll plan out your entire year so you prioritize what matters; map out quarterly, monthly, and weekly actions; create your own content, marketing, and editorial calendars; and learn a 6-step daily success plan to become more productive in a week than you are in a year.
  • Authority Self Publishing Guide (value $79)
  • by Nathan Barry
  • Use landing pages and blog posts to build an email list—and keep your subscribers interested—to build a profitable following in very little time. In Authority, learn how, step-by-step. With the right audience, a solid launch plan, a little discipline, and a lot of effort, you can make a living from your writing.
  • Kara’s Behind the Scenes Guide to Creating a Vlog (value $97)
  • by Kara Buchanan
  • If your videos just never turn out as good as you envisioned, watch over Kara’s shoulder as she teaches you step-by-step how she edits the videos for her and Nate’s popular YouTube vlog. Create videos you’re proud to show off and learn how to create a vlog that people actually want to watch. Learn more.
  • Beginner Blogger Bundle (value $119)
  • by Nick and Dariece
  • The Beginner Blogger Bundle is the ultimate group of products (video course, checklist, and ebook) to help you not only start a brand new WordPress blog but also learn to grow it into a travel-supporting, full-time income earning machine. Master the secrets to earning more, while working less.
  • The Digital Nomad WordPress Theme (value $89)
  • by Rachel Gogos
  • This Genesis theme lets others follow you in your quest for inspiration. Bold, clear images draw viewers in, and easy-to-update text, graphics, and color palettes allow you to share your story while you’re living it, whether you’re on the road, in the air, or off the grid.
  • BONUS: ConvertKit 60-Day Trial (value $58+)
  • by Nathan Barry
  • ConvertKit is built by creators, for creators. Grow your audience, increase conversions with automated emails that feel personal, organize and understand your subscribers, and easily integrate with other services to create systems that automate your business. Free 60-Day Trial!
  • BONUS: Event Discounts
  • by Conference Organizers
  • The Paradise Pack includes special discounts you can’t get anywhere else to three epic digital nomad conferences including DNX, 7in7 and FreedomXFest.

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