Travis Pettelle – The Mother of All E-Commerce Walkthroughs
The Mother of All E-Commerce Walkthroughs
Day by day walk through of building a brand new e-commerce store. Check out the fun inside!
Okay… so, l’ve decided to do the Mother of All E-Commerce Walkthroughs starting next Monday.
Here’s the plan…

  • I’m going to start a brand new Shopify store next week. I’m going to dedicate 1 hour per day to this store Monday-Friday to hopefully build a super successful brand.
  • Tm going to make this 1 hour each day open to you through a webinar link where you’ll be able to watch me LIVE every day as I do all the work building and maintaining what I can in that time frame.
  • You’ll be free to ask me questions during this event, sit back and mimic the steps I do for your brand, or just shoot the shit with me as l’m working. It’s kind of an over the shoulder walkthrough but with group coaching elements ?
  • This walk through will go at least 30 days. My goal is to do $30k in 30 days plus accomplish all the important systems needed to maintain a storefront. If I don’t hit it in 30 days, I may push the walkthrough longer until I do hit it with consistency.
  • There will be no stone unturned because Hl be live for the whole damn thing… and l’ll be recording it all for you to be able to watch at a later date too.

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