The Real Estate Success Program – Bootcamp

“In Less Than 8 Hours You Will Have A Real Estate Business

That Generates 6+ Closed Transactions Monthly”

Here is a quick run down of what you’ll get at the 1 Day Boot Camp:

  • The Marketing Mindset – Discover the 7% rule and how it can change your business. With the 7% rule in hand you will be able to save money on marketing and put more in your own bank account.
  • Marketing Messages that make your phone ring every day. These marketing messages will have you dominating any neighborhood that you want to do business in.
  • 3 Fastest Ways To Get Buyers – Stop throwing money away on a marketing system that doesn’t work. Todd reveals the 3 fastest ways to get buyers now (these change every 6 months so listen up).
  • 3 Fastest Ways to Get Sellers – If you aren’t sitting on an REO account that is giving you 10+ listings a month then it’s time to get some other sellers to work with. Discover the niches that still need help today in this market and how to reach them.
  • Niche Markets to Generate Fast Business – Niche markets are often overlooked by the majority of agents. With just a single niche market you could absolutely have a system that generates 2 or more transactions a month. We reveal the niche markets that are successful in today’s market.
  • Turn Your Website Into a Profit Center – Most agents have a website, unfortunately they aren’t doing any business from it. We share the methods that will have a flood of well qualified leads (200-300+ a month), that are ready to take action, coming through your website.
  • Handling Lead Capture – We would like to show you how to get the most from your marketing by effectively capturing customers at every opportunity.
  • Lead Conversion Scripts – Making the phone ring is only half the battle. Getting people to come to your office is the other half of the battle that gets you closing business. We reveal the best scripts and dialogues that will have you closing more business as soon as you sit back down at your office.

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