The Raikov Effect

  • In the 1960s, Dr. Vladimir Raikov began to conduct experiments involving hypnotism.
  • His goal was to improve the musical ability and talent of students that were studying at the Moscow Conservatory. Within his experiments, Raikov created three groups.
  • The first was the control group. These students were not hypnotized at all.
  • Hypnotism was provided to the second group of students, which included positive affirmations.
  • The third group was hypnotized as well, but instructed to “walk in the shoes” of the greatest musicians in history.
  • The results were clear.
  • Raikov discovered that the third group scored higher on their exams. The highest scores were seen in the areas of artistic interpretation and technical proficiency.
  • How Raikov achieved this technique is notable.
  • His deep trance identification caused the students in the second and third groups to be regressed to an early age.
  • At that stage, they would associate their identity into the Raikov model and this created the feeling of “growing up” with their instrument.
  • In doing so, their perspective changed. The students in the third group saw themselves as being master musicians, so that is what they became.
  • Through deep trance identification studies that were completed in 1971, the Raikov Effect was discovered.

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