Tej Dosa – The Tej Dosa Letter

What Is The Tej Dosa Letter?

A Monthly Print Letter Containing My Personal Strategies, Tactics And Ideas For Growing Online Businesses To 6-7 Figures.

  • ​Get a “behind-the-scenes” look at how I’ve built multiple six figure businesses by 24 (and how you can follow in my footsteps – nobody can guarantee results, but if you apply what you learn your chances of joining the 6-figure club are higher than Snoop Dogg)
  • ​Learn from all the failures and successes I experience on my journey to 7 figures/year with my new business venture(s)
  • ​Receive a raw and “unfiltered” marketing education that lasts a LIFETIME (everything from scripts… to BIG campaigns… to sales letters… to business ideas… to the names of my ventures REVEALED!)…
  • ​See the exact strategies I’m using to make more money, and enjoy a HIGHER QUALITY of life (that’s the whole point, right?)…
  • ​Get unlimited access to what’s going on inside the brain of high-income marketers and entrepreneurs (not all pretty – be warned!)…
  • ​Know exactly what’s working RIGHT NOW (so you can take these test results and WIN BIG)…
  • ​Read epically personal stories about my business (and life) adventures (from the highest of highs… to the lowest of lows that nobody but myself knows)…
  • ​Get it all delivered to your front-door in print form (so you can crack open a brew or grab a coffee and dive deep as the ideas inside make sweet love to your brain)…
  • ​Also receive a digital version of the letter – alongside occasional bonuses, swipe files, guides and cheat sheets you can use to CRUSH your goals…

Here’s What You’re Getting

Each month I will mail you a print letter.

Each letter will be original (no 2 letters the same—EVER!).

The topics will vary each month—based on what I’m currently doing. And what’s working.

This way you receive fresh, actionable information each month that’s currently working NOW (unlike courses which quickly become outdated and ineffective).

But, what you’ll learn is what really matters…

So, here’s a small glimpse of the “scarce” information I’ll reveal inside these very personal letters:

  • The very unusual cold-emails I send to get the attention of top CEOs and online entrepreneurs (once you receive one of these… you’ll be “physically uncomfortable” until you’ve replied! They’re THAT powerful. And best of all? Nobody knows about em…)
  • 3 “psychologically powerful” words I use to make CEOs sell ME on why he (or she) should give me HIS money (most people say “learn how to sell” and that’s good advice. But even better advice? Learn how to make other people sell you on why you should do bizness with em. That’s where the BIG moneeeeeeeeey is)
  • What happened after I punched my 4 digit PIN into the ATM and saw -$67 (this is the only real time I’ve hit *rock-bottom* … but what I did NEXT made me LOW 5 figures in just 30 days)
  • ​What Yogi’s from India taught me (and how I used their “weird insight” to make hundreds of thousands of dollars—without *really* trying. Use your mind THIS way and everything becomes SO much easier…)
  • ​Exact scripts I’ve used for cold-calling… prospecting… and ethically STEALING business from competitors (don’t knock it… until you try it!)
  • ​What I’ve learned from jumping into the unknown (and why you should focus LESS on hard work and MORE on this ONE THING if you want money in bunches)
  • ​Where the FUTURE is heading… and the 2-3 things I’m doing right now, so I can make millions once it arrives (if you don’t do THIS now… you’ll be in for a MAJOR surprise)
  • ​The entire customer journey, from A to Z, for transforming people from not knowing who you are to loving you and buying from you repeatedly
  • ​How to tell stories that make people cry (storytelling is the greatest skill in the world. With a powerful story, you can make anything happen!)
  • ​Crash courses on the most profitable skills (from strategy… to pattern recognition… to sales… to storytelling… to negotiation and branding)
  • ​Analysis and breakdowns of marketing campaigns I’m working on (and the results they’re generating—literally breaking down everything piece by piece… word by word!)
  • ​​What I do once I get punched in the face (life isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. There’s 3 very specific things I do every time I take a L—so I never repeat my mistakes EVER again…)
  • ​How I structure my life for MAXIMIZATION (I’m not a fan of balance! I like to maximize every area of life. Now admittedly, I haven’t maximized health and fitness. In fact, I’ve neglected it… but that’s all changing because I use a very specific maximization strategy so I can make progress on all the important areas of life)
  • ​The exact time-management system I created to build a 6 figure business, graduate with a 3.87 GPA, party every weekend, and sleep 8-10 hours a night (most people think they don’t have time… WRONG! Use this system and time is all you’ll have)
  • ​Outrageously shitty jokes (because life is one BIG joke… and you need more laughter in your belly)
  • ​And more… including tons of personal and actionable stories!

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