Taylor Welch – Traffic & Funnels Event Recordings 2018
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  • How to bridge the “confidence gap” when you’re starting out with a new offer (and how to frame it as a no-brainer)
  • Why rapid growth is DANGEROUS – especially the moment something blows up. We went from lobster dinners one week, to peanut butter & jelly sandwiches the next. (Here’s what saved us from otherwise certain defeat)
  • The mental roadblock that’ll stand in the way of any momentum or success… and the absolute best thing you can turn your attention to instead
  • The only 3 things you need to have down in order to thrive in business (A lot of problems with the world we live in are because people will fail #3)
  • The counter-intuitive way to solve 90% of almost any problem you’re up again in your business (instantly freeing you up to focus on what matters most)
  • 5 pillars of sustainable growth – this is what the ultra-successful know and implement while the rest just keep spinning their wheels (which side
  • A terrible “shift” entrepreneurs make as soon as they hit a bad month. This only compounds the problem – avoid at all costs!
  • The ONE time Chris got emotional – he made a mistake that spells disaster for many businesses operating online (this comes back to the importance of sequence)
  • The “compass” that kept us focused and motivated in the early days of TF (few people actually do this, but we did it DAILY without fail)
  • How we use problems to fuel the furnace of our business and spur continual growth
  • What to do if a client doesn’t like the copy your write for them? (there’s a lesson to glean from this even if you’re NOT a copywriter or marketing service provider)
  • Mental Step #1 for if you’re overwhelmed with way too much to do each day (and not nearly enough time)
  • How to UNSELL prospects who were previously excited about your offer (do this and you’ll see even the hottest leads turn ice cold)
  • The way we set MEASURABLE goals that push us to the next level… and how you should approach it depending on your own personality
  • 3 things you to do each day that will improve your sales calls (#2 is Taylor’s secret weapons – can’t close without it)
  • What’s changed in the last year and the new things we’re doing in 2018 to hedge against changes in the market (not all these tactics will apply to you, but the strategies WILL)
  • What to do if you’re “doing the right things” but not reaping any of the rewards (this will bring relief to a lot of people on the edge of quitting)
  • The “insurance” for getting something to work in your business
  • The important thing you need to be aware of when building a platform for the long-game play (this will make it a helluva lot easier on you)
  • Examples of how to use “Hyper Organic” to get in front of your market (no matter what the Facebook algorithm is doing)
  • The biggest thing to focus on when putting out “organic” material (Here’s a clue: you don’t see doctors on the side of the road with signs begging for patients. Would you ever go to that doctor?)
  • An almost-too-simple strategy for closing more people on your high ticket offer
  • The secret to telling people how good you are without coming across as an arrogant douchebag
  • Caring “what people think” is the kiss of death for so many would-be entrepreneurs. Here’s why it’s actually CRUCIAL that some people hate your guts.
  • 2 examples of how to produce “original” organic content… and why you DON’T want to tie it back to your business.
  • Why it’s a DISSERVICE to tell your market what they need and giving them a piece of it (this actually sabotages their progress)
  • The question you need to ask yourself if you’re “not doing enough” in your business… and why it’s critical to strike a balance between immediate and long-term growth
  • We’re all filled with doubts from time to time. Here’s how to flip the script on your doubts and courageously charge ahead and disprove them.
  • What Ben (who’s now on our Client Success team) found to be the most powerful part of “organic” – every single client he landed while going through CK, minus one referral, came as a result of this alone
  • The “Chameleon Effect” that makes it easy to deliver a magnetic marketing message that compels someone to say “Hell yes!” (most people get too caught up in “what they do” – are you one of them?)
  • The “slice of life” approach to weeding out anyone who’s not a fit for your values and beliefs (long before you ever strike up a conversation)
  • A surefire way to keep your messaging from resonating with ANYONE (if you’re not getting any traction with your “organic” posts, this might be why)
  • How to turn your conversations into assets (this is the shortcut to an un-ending supply of “organic” content ideas)
  • “What’s an example of doing this wrong?” Wrong Question! We reveal the REAL question you want to be asking.
  • The bright red flag that signals you’re long overdue for systems, processes and building a team (Laura was brought in to handle this after 6 months… about 3 months too late)
  • How to identify the people who are a good fit for your team – without risking everything on them (even the best-skilled person can be the wrong fit)
  • How to recognize if someone’s the right person for the bus, just not sitting in the right seat (Kristen shares how she transitioned to our “Client Success” team and could finally leverage the best of her talents)
  • When building a team – do you bring in someone experienced or inexperienced? Here’s exactly how to decide what’s best for your business.
  • The “first hire” that typically makes the most sense for a client-based business (this frees you up to take the first steps toward scaling)
  • The mental shift that flipped a switch in Ben’s mind and completely changed the way he approached “Client Success” at TF (and why it immediately changed his dynamic with the rest of the team)
  • Operate your business on these rules and you’ll be resigned to endless chaos and confusion
    3 indicators it’s time to raise your prices…and why sometimes when you raise them it’s sensible/wise to REMOVE things from your offer
  • “What about the people I can help who can’t afford me? Should I create something for them to?” – we share the answer here.
  • An important lesson from Alex on pricing (there’s a big difference between a client paying out of abundance… vs… one that’s handing over there last buck)
  • Why we added a “Golden Ticket” to our Client Kit offer – not everyone uses it, but it can be tremendously valuable in creating client breakthroughs
  • One of my favorite Client Kit success stories: how 17-year-old Jack saved his family’s home from being foreclosed on (PLUS how he annihilated “age” objections to close five-figure deals)
  • How Tasha went from making only $4k after 10 months of slaving away… to hitting $9,800 her first month of CK (and clearing another $18,100 the following month)
  • Why you absolutely must change your environment BEFORE you feel ready (neglecting this keeps so many people stuck)
  • The #1 thing that’s going to advance your business – we’ve literally spent hundreds of thousands of dollars learning this, and lost 7 figures of our own money in the process – and it’s NOT marketing!
  • The fastest way to drown your business – this can be the difference between making an impact in the world… and being stuck working the fryer at McDonalds.
  • Our contrarian method for selling that pulled 4 competitors out of the market in our first 6 months (they simply couldn’t compete)
  • The single most important metric we track with our sales guys (It’s not closes, it’s not even the number of calls they take)
  • The 3 keys to becoming the “moral authority” to your audience (#3 is easy to miss, but doing so makes it nearly impossible for someone to buy from you with confidence)
  • The biggest issue by far we face whenever we hire new “closers” (the good news: easy mistake, even easier fix)
  • Why we ask questions all the time in sales scenarios (Nope, it’s not about getting the answers)
    The “psychology of silence” on sales calls… including how long is “too long” (and how to end it without derailing the conversation)
  • How to gauge when NOT to be silent on a call and instead go after what you sense might be a problem (hint: most people make mistakes in sales situations because of this factor)
  • Why solving objections TOO SOON will tank the success of your sales calls faster than a copycat ripping off a TF facebook ad (which is really damn fast)… PLUS the #1 question to ask when you hear one.
  • Why focusing on “one call closes” is counter-productive to hitting your sales and revenue goals… and what to do instead
    Tips on the “follow up” process – including what to do if the second call is going to be more than a week away (forget this and they’ll forget you)
  • The absolute WORST way to position your second call with a prospect (they’ll even go as far as blocking you from their phone)… and a far more lucrative (and pleasant) way of setting it up
  • How to smoothly handle a prospect if they have a business partner obstructing a win-win relationship (this will spare you a LOT of suffering)
  • A quick lesson in pricing your different offers (super important for if you’re bring additional offers to market)
  • Why it’s absolutely vital you have a “pre-conversion” process. Getting on the phone without one is going to be a waste of your time (and will probably drain you emotionally in the process)
  • Our 2-step process for making investment decisions (it’s gotta tick both boxes or it’s a no-go)
  • The 3 key beliefs someone needs in place before they pull the trigger on your high-ticket offer (missing even one of these closes the door on any chance of working together)
  • Take your 5 most-common objections… and then do THIS (this is a sure-bet for bumping up your close rate)
  • Why price is NEVER a legitimate objection… and what to do when it comes up in your sales conversations
  • The only 3 rules you need to become a master closer (plaster these up on a wall and keep them top of mind when on any sales call)
  • The three traits common among “high performers” that practically force them to hit their goals… while most other people struggle to even sustain their commitment for a few short weeks
  • How to send your fears of rejection packing (if you quake in your boots when you pick up the phone, this is a must)
  • A dangerous mental trap you risk falling into that’ll ultimately cause you to retreat when you should be advancing (took
  • Taylor a long time to disconnect from this)
  • Our minds play the craziest tricks on us. When you get caught in the “down cycle”, here’s how to race back up the mountain
  • How to “manufacture success” in a way that triggers an abundance feedback loop (Hint: this is NOT about making it real in your mind first)
  • The secret that allows our Upper Echelon mastermind members to hit record sales the week following each of our quarterly events
  • The importance of knowing your “poverty” and “success” triggers (we reveal some of ours – including how Chris is allergic to Walmart)
  • The two toughest months we endured over the course of the past 2 years… and how we dealt with them (we each share the experiences that had us almost ready to quit)

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