Social Fresh 2021 – Virtual Conference

Social Fresh is the only social media conference made for the social media practitioners.

Social Fresh 2021 was a virtual conference on June 16-18, 2021. All sessions were streamed live, recorded, and are now available to you On Demand for a limited time.

Is This Conference Right For Me?

Social Fresh 2021 is social media training built for marketers, agencies, and entrepreneurs. Attendees return year after year for inspiring and actionable training, presented by the smartest folks in the industry. The experience is world-class, the marketing lessons are always FRESH, and you’ll leave with a clear path for how to move your social media to the next level!

Attendees include B2B and B2C companies, Fortune 500 brands, Agencies, Small Business Owners, Startups, Freelancers, Government, Finance, Higher Ed, Retail, and Nonprofit

Marketing Professionals

You’re a social media manager or you’re managing social from a marketing, PR, or comms department. Bottom line is you want your social content to stand out, get results, and not take forever to produce. Our sessions focus on these clear, actionable results.


You’re managing social media for multiple clients in unique industries with different goals. You need new ideas. You need to save time while still producing great social media content. Social Fresh is packed with great creative examples and deep dives into process.


You’re a business owner or running social media for a new startup. You need to grow an audience, perfect your brand voice, and drive customers. Presentations from top brands will focus on these topics and give you clear steps for how to fulfill your social media goals.

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