Shopify Booster Theme V1.6
Double Up Your Conversion Rate
We integrated in this theme all the best marketing tools to Boost up your sales without any monthly fees.
Conversion Boosting Features

  • Countdown timer : Psychologically, the fear of losing something drives us to greater desire to obtain it. Having a timer counting down creates a sense of urgency for the customer.<
  • Having your product available for only a limited time is a fantastic leverage tool to convince your visitors to act immediately. You are free to customize the timer in the style and color you want. No more coding, No more monthly fees apps, just open the Customize theme setting to start editing your timer.
  • Notification Pop up : Obviously, people follow what society tells them to do. They buy the things they see on TV, they drive the cars, decorate their house like they’re told to. They like to follow the crowd.
  • When used correctly, lower screen popups are one of your most powerful conversion tools. This popup notifies the user that there are other shoppers purchasing items from your store. Seeing that other people are buying from you increases the trust that a visitor has in your store. This is an excellent tool that showcases your credibility as a company.
  • Trafic count up : Show your visitors that your store is popular with the traffic count option. This customizable tool allows you to show your potential customers that your stock is in demand.
  • This increases the sense of urgency within shoppers to secure their purchase before the item is snapped up by someone else. Are You Ready To BOOST Your Conversions To The MOON? If yes! You’re in the RIGHT Place!
  • Urgency on the cart page : To hurry your customers along, add a countdown timer onto their shopping cart page. Adding an expiration time to this area makes it less likely for a customer to be distracted and abandon their shopping cart. The quicker the buying process, the more sales you will see as a business.
  • You will notice that we have also deleted the ‘return to shopping’ option on the cart page. Pushing your customers forwards in the buying process is always the best method to obtain their commitment to a sale.
  • The Upsell Popup : Giving your customers better value for their money is always a popular selling option. With the Shopify Booster, you have the option of installing an upsell popup. Why not offer your customer a free gift if they add another product to their shopping cart?
  • With complete freedom when it comes to customization, you can get creative and drive in those sales. Set the number of products the customer must reach to secure their free gift, and it will automatically be added to their cart if they choose the offer. This makes things so easy, both for you and for your customers.
  • Bigger ATC Button : We have done so many Split test and time and time again the conclusion is the same: Bigger is always better. So add a bold statement to your page with your ‘buy it now’ button. Using bold colors will really make it pop, and you can choose the text too.
  • Skip Cart Option : Now your customers can skip the shopping cart page and proceed directly to the checkout. Every step that your customer has to take to make a purchase decreases your conversion rate, so you want to make things as quick and easy for them as possible. You will be surprised at how much of a difference taking this extra step out has on your sales numbers.
  • Mobile Optimized : More and more people are shopping from their phones. The Shopify Booster theme is the only theme around that is fully optimized for mobile phones to improve your conversion rate. We have undertaken extensive split screen tests and our results have shown that a mobile theme with a single image lead to more sales than multiple images.
  • Having to scroll down a long page on a mobile phone is off putting for your visitors, whereas a single image along with your eye-catching ‘buy’ button is a sure fire road to success.
  • The Booster theme makes things easy for your mobile customers to make purchases from anywhere.
  • F + H Optimized : It’s always a good way to use Free items to attract more customer into your store. There’s no secret, people loves Free gift. Shopify Booster as been optimized for you to offer FREE + SHIPPING promotion without any effort.
    The theme automatically detect the 0$ item in your store and replace the Button for a new one. You are free to put the message and color you want on this button. Be creative !
  • You will be surprised at how much of a difference doing FREE + SHIPPING promotion has on your sales numbers.
  • Mega Menu : Increase your sales by allowing your customers to navigate with ease through your menus and discover your products. This menu is a simple and effective store navigation that will make your products and collections simple to access. It’s quick, simple, and really easy to setup.
  • Discount Pop Up : Your visitor didn’t bought in your store in the first minutes. We integrated in this theme a Discount Pop Up That will show up at the moment you choose.

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