Shawna Newman – Niche Authority Site Course
Get the framework you need to grow your own authority site empire!
Course Curriculum

  • Lesson 1: Before You Start
  • Welcome!
  • Getting The Right Mindset For Success
  • Check Your Expectations
  • Authority Site vs Niche Site vs Affiliate Site
  • Lesson 2: Site Creation Basics
  • Select A Niche BEFORE You Buy The Domain
  • How I Pick A Domain Name For New Sites
  • Getting Your Site Hosted & Set Up
  • Don’t Waste Time On Things That Don’t Matter
  • Plot Out Your Site’s Growth
  • Worksheet: Plot Your Site’s Growth
  • Lesson 3: Starting Your Site
  • Basic Keyword Research – The Easy Way
  • Keyword Research Video #1
  • Content Creation: The Basics
  • Content Creation Blueprint: Informational Content
  • Link Building: Setting The Foundation
  • Link Building Foundation Checklist
  • Lesson 4: Monetization
  • Getting Your Site Approved For Affiliate Programs
  • Never Rely On Just One Affiliate Program For Your Site
  • Creating LLCs To Diversify Risk With Amazon Associates (or Avoid Nexus States)
  • Lesson 5: The Early Stages Of Your Site
  • Competition Analysis Basics
  • Competition Analysis Overview
  • Live Competition Analysis Process Overview
  • Finding Easy Keywords With SEMrush
  • Outsourcing Content for Your Site
  • The Sandbox: When Do I Get Search Traffic?
  • Getting Your On-Page Right
  • Buying Guides Are The New Single Product Reviews
  • Should I Do Single Product Reviews?
  • Finding Images For Your Site
  • Lesson 6: Planning For Success As Your Site Grows
  • Beyond Foundation Link Building
  • Link Building Timeline Checklist
  • Should You Use PBNs When Starting Out?
  • This Should Be Your #1 Focus For Success
  • Staying In Compliance With Amazon and Other Programs
  • How To Know If You’re On The Right Track
  • Authority Site 12-Month Plan
  • Lesson 7: Scaling Up A Successful Site
  • Stage One: Scaling Up By Looking At More Successful Sites
  • White Hat Link Building Case Study #1: Scholarship Links
  • Scholarship Pages Contact Details – My Top 50
  • White Hat Link Building Case Study #2: Guest Post Outreach

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