Sean D’Souza – Article Writing Home Study
A Tiny Insight Into What You’ll Learn

  • * The three main systems of writing. And how to pick a system that is suited to your own individual personality. This means you can be who you are, instead of simply copying someone else.
  • * Spotting an instant disaster before you write the article. You’ll learn how to spot if an article is useless, simply by analysing parameters in your headline. This alone saves you hours of frustration and toil of going round in circles.
  • * Why headline-writing is critical. Most articles are read, or deleted solely on the basis of a headline. If your reader doesn’t get attracted by your headline, the rest of the article is almost never read–leading to a massive waste of time on your part. (This applies to both online as well as offline articles, by the way).
  • * How to get the reader to slip-slide (yes, there’s no better word) right from the headline to the first fifty words. And what to put in those first fifty that captivates the reader, and almost compels them to read the entire article.
  • * How to then take the reader past the first fifty words. The secrets to connecting thoughts, and disconnecting thoughts. And how connectors and disconnectors, when used with structure in mind, create intense drama and flow.
  • * How to create a grid that speeds up your article writing by 50% or more. The grid also enables to you to construct an article that suits both the reader who reads every word, as well as the reader who scans.
  • * How to never run out of ideas. You’ll have so many ideas, that you’ll realise that writer’s block is really a myth.
  • * Learn why ‘creating a wall’ or ‘disturbance’ in an article is critical to keep the reader’s attention, and why it so appeals to human nature. Most mediocre articles avoid the ‘wall’, thus creating a boring, tepid style of writing.
  • * How to literally outline half a dozen (or more) articles in less than an hour, sitting at the cafe.
  • * How to mesh articles with selling products/services. Just writing an article will not get your customers to respond. You need to actually guide the customer to buy the product or service. How do you do move from editorial to sales seamlessly?
  • * The secrets of formatting an article. Formatting is the visual aspect of your article. Most people look at a page, before they read a word. In an instant, your ‘lack of formatting’ can lose the reader.
  • * Learn which article headlines work better–and why. Why: That’s what you want to learn. Why does this headline supercede that headline? The key isn’t in copying blindly, but having a deep understanding of human psychology (It’s easier than you think).
  • * Understanding what makes an article boring–and how to avoid that scenario like the plague. It’s not enough to know what makes an article exciting. There are factors that make an article boring too. What are those factors?.
  • * The Secret of writing angles to a story–and how you can write on one topic over and over again–without losing audience interest. This saves you enormous time and effort. Imagine having one topic and being able to generate ten, twenty, even a hundred angles. And yet the audience is clamouring for even more angles to that topic.
  • * How to use structure to build up momentum. Without structure you’re simply writing without parameters. Every time I write randomly, I waste more time than ever, and end up with a half-baked article that can’t be used. The structure is what will enable you to avoid making the mistakes I made at the start–and write faster than ever before.
  • * How to leverage articles into books, reports and other forms of revenue and customer-generation.

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