Scalable – Scalable Growth Accelerator

Module Overview

Module 1 – Mapping Your Growth Engine

In this module, we’ll design and document a proven customer acquisition system that generates a consistent, predictable, and growing flow of new leads and sales on autopilot.

Module 2 – Building Your Growth Scorecard

In this module, we’ll create simple scorecards and dashboards that communicate how the company is progressing toward its stated goals so you can make pivots when the data demands it…without having to invest in expensive tools and analytics solutions.

Module 3 – Planning for Growth

In this module, we’ll design and install a growth planning “ritual” where, every 90 days, you and your growth team will gather to 1) identify data-driven areas of optimization, 2) set new growth targets, and 3) architect a plan to achieve your targets and goals.

Module 4 – Clarifying Your Core Message

In this module, we’ll craft clear and compelling value propositions that help us achieve industry-leading conversion rates without ever resorting to “hypey,” aggressive, or dishonest sales tactics.

Module 5 – Installing Revenue Maximizers

In this module, we’ll execute tested and proven tactics that increase average customer values by 50 – 100% and IMMEDIATE customer values by 15 – 30%…without launching new products or complicating your sales funnels.

Module 6 – Diversifying Your Traffic Channels

In this module, we’ll activate multiple streams of awareness and traffic such that no single channel is responsible for more than 50% of our revenue.

Module 7 – Expanding Your Audience

In this module, we’ll architect an “Idea Factory” that identifies and attracts broader audiences beyond the small group of prospects who already know, like, and trust you. (SIDE NOTE: This is THE BIG SECRET to achieving scalable growth.)

Module 8 – Building a Growth Team

In this module, we’ll show you how to organize, attract, and enable a team of best-in-class employees, contractors, and agencies who are experts in their field and capable of working together to help your company achieve its growth goals.

Module 9 (BONUS) – Securing Growth Capital

In this module, you’ll discover how to unlock all the capital and resources your business needs to fund its critical growth initiatives…even if you’ve been rejected by banks and VCs in the past.

Scalable Growth Accelerator Is For You If…

  • You have a proven and sellable product/service
  • You have tasted success, but have struggled to duplicate or scale an early win
  • You bootstrapped your business and need to grow profitably
  • You’re stuck at 6-figures and want to break into 7-figures

Scalable Growth Accelerator Is Not For You If…

  • You haven’t figured out yet what to sell
  • You aren’t willing to put in a little extra work (and just want that “laptop lifestyle”)
  • You are happy with where your business is at and aren’t interested in growth
  • You are selling a product that isn’t actually yours (affiliates, MLM, etc.)
  • You are just scrounging for the “next shiny object”

If you’ve made it this far and feel like the Scalable Growth Accelerator is for you, the next step is to…

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