Sarah Cordiner – Edupreneur Academy – How To Monetise Your Expertise and Profitably Educate Your Market

You’ve lived your whole life with that silent inner niggling that there is something you should be doing.

Something more, something BIG.

It’s been whispering to you forever, making you feel like time is ticking.

You are itching to leap into your calling and make it a reality. The time to listen to that calling and make it happen – is NOW.

In The Edupreneur Academy, you are going to:

  • Create and launch online courses and challenges
  • Create and launch coaching programs, retreats and bootcamps
  • Create a membership subscription for recurring income
  • Write & publish print books and eBooks on Amazon to fulfil your dream of becoming a published and respected Author
  • Set-up and manage your own popular & successful website, that has traffic pouring to it every month
  • Create highly profitable marketing funnels to get leads and make sales
  • Create beautiful and high converting sales pages that dramatically increase your conversions
  • Create opt-in forms to collect your prospects contact details and grow your email list
  • Increase your followers, likes, fans, connections and subscribers
  • Set-up email automations, nurture sequences and upsell sequences to put your business on auto-pilot – giving you income and time-freedom simultaneously
  • Implement numerous organic marketing strategies to bring you in a stream of never-ending traffic for free, for life
  • Create multiple income streams for a profitable, low risk and sustainable bottom line (ka-ching)
  • Set-up and publish paid ads and paid marketing to create an avalanche of leads
  • Establish an industry and online presence that lends credibility and likeability to your reputation
  • Become well known, popular and highly paid in your field of expertise
  • Fall in love with your business again, and reactivate unstoppable motivation, ambition and passion
  • Move into a feeling of joyful ‘flow’ in your business, instead of feeling like you’re fighting it all of the time

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