SaaS Wiz – The SaaS MasterClass

The SaaS MasterClass

What is SaaS? Digital real estate. Recurring income.

I’ve spent 8 years working in Silicon Valley and 2 years trying to make money online.

During the start of the pandemic, I realized everything I learned was wrong.

You don’t need VC funding to make your own tech startup.

You don’t need a bunch of employees.

You don’t need millions in capital.

You don’t need to know how to code

You don’t need to be technical to make a SaaS.

I realized that you could make a SaaS for only a few thousand dollars.

I started my SaaS journey during the pandemic.

I launched 4 SaaS Projects in 2020.

3 of them failed.

My 4th was a hit. $12K+ in the first month.

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