Ryan Stewart – Webris Project Management System
Watch how fast project management
will scale your agency.
Why use our tool set?

  • Our tool set makes new client onboarding, project tracking and reporting a breeze.
  • Using the power of Google Sheets, we’ve automated large portion of your busy work.
  • Start new projects, quickly
  • We’ve created a handful of pre-built project templates for you to leverage when taking on a new project.
  • The best part about using our system and not software is the ability to customize on the fly. Even though you’re working on templates, changing tasks, deliverables and due dates takes a matter of seconds.
  • Rapidly integrate new clients or projects
  • Client onboarding (or starting a new project) is no longer an issue. A simple dropdown menu lets you add new client / project within seconds.
  • Our system automatically creates a client folder, project plan, status tracker and integrates client data across all project trackers.
  • Easily manage link outreach
  • Whether you’re contacting social media influencers, bloggers or journalists, our tracker will keep you on top of everything.
  • Our “outreach management” file tracks prospecting, outreach and live placement status. Even better, it automatically pushes to individual client files for hands free reporting.
  • Create content at SCALE
  • Content is a cornerstone of marketing – we’ve built a standalone file to help you manage it all.
  • The file is a semi-automated content calendar that lets you manage outlines, drafts, freelance writers and auto pushes status updates to individual client files.
  • Hands free client reporting
  • Anytime you “add” a client, Google Drive automatically creates a new folder with a client tracking file in it.
  • This file syncs with your main file, outreach and content file to automatically pulls through tasks completed, links secured and content published.
  • A proven framework for global teams
  • It’s not always feasible for your agency to build a local team – using remote workers helps reduce costs and bring in specialized talent.
  • Our system keeps remote teams on the same page through the use of our task to deliverable process. Keep your team in sync, from all corners of the globe.
  • We’ll train your next project manager
  • Get access to the WEBRIS training platform, where you’ll find 5 modules of easy to follow videos training your staff on advanced project management techniques.
  • Simply give your employees the login and let us do all the leg work. These are the SAME videos we use to train our offshore team to manage our client campaigns.
  • Leverage the power of Google Sheets
  • Google Sheets documents can be manipulated to function like software. We built in powerful automations like reporting, data pushes and new client onboarding to save you a ton of time.
  • You can customize our toolset to your liking. Anything additional you need from your solution can be added within a matter of minutes.
  • Get a “pulse” on your agency
  • Get an update on how your client campaigns are being managed with the “pulse” dashboard.
  • Simply select the client and the tab will pull through the links secured, content published, organic traffic and total keywords ranking, by month.
  • Get organized, move faster
  • This system will move you to leverage the power of the Google Suite to manage your agency. Everything you do as an agency is stored in Google Drive, using a Google product (Sheets, Docs, Gmail, etc).
  • No more chasing down client deliverables – we show you how to remove the headaches of managing hundreds of client campaigns.
  • 4 files, 1 conversation
  • SEO is a deep service – we built out 4 different files to help you keep track of it all. Even though they’re each stand alone files, they’re all connected.
  • The files push and pull data, client information, status updates and reporting, saving you time and headaches.
  • Bend the tool to fit your agency
  • The main reason for building this tool into Google Sheets is the ability customize on the fly. Unlike other project management tools, ours can be easily customized to fit your agency’s specific needs.
  • Want to add in additional data (via API)? Want to build a custom time tracking tab? Anything you need, the toolset can handle.
  • This is the exact system I’ve used to scale WEBRISIn 18 months I’ve built WEBRIS from 0 to over $1M in recurring revenue (with incredible margins I might add).
  • More importantly, I kept my sanity while doing so.
  • I don’t work 100 hour weeks and I don’t have 50 high paid employees – in fact, it’s the opposite.
  • This past year I’ve traveled around the world while managing a team of employees with little to no marketing experience.
  • The key to growing an agency is NOT knowing the latest “tactic” – it’s being able to execute your service, at scale.
  • That’s what I’m selling you here. A framework to build better processes and a tool to manage them.

Sales Page: https://webris.org/tools/project-management/
Download Files Size: 1.09GB
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