Ron Friedman – Trading the Post

What You Get

Live Course Access

In eight live classes, starting on Monday, March 7th, Ron will teach you his methods, with a focus on these topics:

  • The core Trading the Post methodology and mindset
  • Options tools (e.g. Iron Condors, morphing, rolling)
  • Integrating Technical Analysis (e.g. levels, support & resistance, AVWAPs, Fibonaccis)
  • Selecting LEAPS and trading around them
  • Protecting your financial capital (e.g. crash protection, Zombie Puts)
  • Protecting your mental capital (aka how to “calm the f*** down”)
  • Adapting TTP to your account size (including <$25,000 accounts)
  • Ideal setups (what equipment, gear, platforms, gadgets, etc. Ron is using)

Daily Coaching

Three months of access to the Trading the Post rooms in our custom-built platform:

  • Implement what you’re learning and trade alongside Ron and other members on a daily basis.
  • Join Ron for two weekly live webinars and regular live trading sessions
  • Follow Ron’s daily decision making and executions
  • Take advantage of called out trade setups
  • Get coaching from Ron on trade ideas and proper execution

Download mmo

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