Robin Sharma – Your Absolute Best Year Yet 2018
Doors are now open to Your Absolute Best Year Yet, but only for the next few days.
Stop buying into your current reality. It’s just where you happen to be right now.

  • I’m obsessed with giving my clients “10x value”: 10 times the value they could ever expect. Register for the course right now and I’ll give you:
  • 12 webinar recordings (pre-recorded) that lock in a whole new series of uber-powerful beliefs, exceptionally potent new daily behaviors and help you build a mindset that’s simply unbeatable (just so you appreciate the value I’m offering you here, my fee for a month of one-on-one coaching starts at $50,000)
  • The now famous 9 Your Absolute Best Year Yet video modules that distill the advanced tactics that Inner Circle members paid $12,000 for:
  • Video Module #1:
  • Learned Fearlessness
  • In this truly inspiring and highly practical coaching session you learn how to release your limiting beliefs and all the negativity you’ve picked up from the world around you. Life’s too short to play small and here I’ll walk you through how to become fearless, brave and the most confident person you know.
  • Video Module #2:
  • The 5 Elements Of The Genius Code
  • Genius is less about genetics and more about practice. In this session, I’ll share the work of researchers like Anders
  • Ericsson, the preeminent researcher on exceptional performance as well as the advanced tactics of iconic athletes, artists, business people and world-builders so you model the steps they take. And get the results they get.
  • Video Module #3:
  • The Best Things I’ve Learned From Warren Buffett
  • Warren Buffet is someone I’ve learned so much from. The biography Buffet: The Making of an American Capitalist was a game-changer for me. The Charlie Rose series on him left me wowed for months (get it on iTunes). So I’ve poured through pages of analysis on this business Titan, audios and articles to present a step-by-step method to help you craft a world-class life based on his philosophy. Not to be missed (this one is worth the whole price of the program).
  • Video Module #4:
  • The 5 Elements of Leading Without A Title
  • Cutting-edge. Ultra-inspirational. This module walks you through the absolute best ideas to fire up your team, shift from victimhood into leadership and get results you never imagined possible. You’ll discover a whole new way to lead people, projects and yourself. And leverage the information and insights to do your best work while breaking through to your greatest life.
  • Video Module #5:
  • Personal Productivity And The Time Tactics of The Planet’s Best Executives
  • Why be busy being busy when you can discover how to become massively focused on the things that matter? On an average day the average person spends 2.1 hours in distraction. So learning how to break free of the interruption addiction will make a profound difference in your ability to get giant goals done this New Year. In this powerful and tactical session I walk you through the best techniques I’ve learned for doubling your productivity, developing huge amounts of energy, creating monomaniacal focus on your best opportunities and getting things done. Fast.
  • Video Module #6:
  • Peak Productivity Secrets of the Best CEOs
  • Ready to get more done in 90 days than you achieved all last year? In this session we’ll dive even deeper into the daily routines of elite performers. Learn how they think, what they eat, how they work and the ways they live. This is insider information that most people never get in a lifetime.
  • Video Module #7:
  • Lessons From Old People
  • Why learn what’s most important at a time that’s too late to do anything about it? Want to understand what life’s really about? Ask someone who has lived it a long time. In this session you’ll learn the fundamental success truths, how happy people live and what you can do to make some real changes with speed and ease.
  • Video Module #8:
  • Lessons To Learn Before You Die
  • This session is all about the ultimate meaning of life. What’s the point of getting to the last hour of your last day and realize you lived the wrong life? I’ll help you re-align with your true values, think through and get acute clarity on what’s most important and start living the life of your highest desires. Beginning today. (This session changed so many lives last year).
  • Video Module #9:
  • Final Ideas + Wrap-Up
  • In this final session, I bring the hundreds of insights, tactics and techniques of the previous 8 video modules together. I get personal and share how I stay at elite productivity in my own life, what I do to keep it all simple, daily tips for peak energy, my creativity protocols and how I beat self-doubt.
  • HOW DOES THE PROGRAM WORK?I’ve designed Your Absolute Best Year Yet to be easy, fun and very, very practical. Not much theory. Zero boredom. Just my most advanced insights and tactics to shatter last year’s performance and make 2018 the year you experience your best life.
  • THE FAMOUS VIDEO MODULES: All 9 Your Absolute Best Year Yet video modules are already up on the membership site.
  • As soon as you invest in the course, you get access to the member’s area and can start watching the video sessions. (Why wait? Let’s get started together on doing your 2018 goals today). And you get access to them for the lifetime of the site (so watch them 1000x).
  • WEBINARS: 12 webinar recordings (pre-recorded). I’ll teach content to get all your goals done and share ways to overcome common obstacles to transformation.
  • THE WEEKLY REINFORCEMENTS: For 52 weeks, you receive inspirational and action- oriented articles/quotes/encouragement from me to sustain your momentum, lock in your new habits and keep your mindset in the rare-air of pure possibility.

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