Robin Sharma – Hero Genius Legend
Escape The Ordinary — Discover 5 New Mindsets, Heartsets And Rituals To Outperform Yourself And Force Your Greatness To Unfold

  • Discover Robin Sharma’s Framework For A Life Well-Lived
  • Learn the framework that Robin Sharma has handcrafted and taught for over 20 years which contains the key mindsets, heartsets and rituals that when applied will turn your life legendary.
  • Learn FIVE Powerful Rituals To Activate Your Inner Hero
  • Learn FIVE incredibly powerful and transformative mindsets, heartsets and rituals that’ll help you activate your inner hero and light the fire of greatness within you.
  • Master The Morning Practice That Regenerates Your Soul
  • Learn a simple morning practice that refreshes the connection with your soul, eliminates negativity bias, boosts happiness levels and makes you productive throughout the day. (This is the #1 antidote to being average.)
  • Grasp The 20/20/20 Formula To Lock In The Productivity Of Your Day
  • Start your day with this and watch how productive you remain for the rest of your day. This simple strategy alone can make a huge difference in your career or business when applied for sixty-six straight days.
  • Explore The 90-90-1 Secret Of High Performers
  • This is the single greatest secret of high performers – this is what they do, automatically, every single day of their life to maximize their potential and push their boundaries.
  • And so much more…

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