Robert Cialdini – The Power of Persuasion

Program Highlights:

  • Recognizing “moments of power.”
  • What you should say to get people to act.
  • Includes handy pocket reference guide of influence techniques.

Increase your power and influence with simple, guaranteed methods you’ll start using right away. In this dynamic presentation, Professor Cialdini provides fascinating insights on how to be successful in your attempts to persuade all manner of other people. A vast body of scientific research is the foundation for his six principles that lead to effective, ethical and enduring influence. Whether you call it requesting, cajoling, exhorting, or inveigling to achieve a desired outcome-this is a “must” for managers, marketers, and manipulators of all kinds!.

Dr. Robert Cialdini is the most frequently cited living social psychologist in the world. He is the Regents Professor of Psychology at Arizona State University, and Visiting Professor of Marketing at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business. Professor Cialdini has been interviewed for two National Public Radio programs and will be featured on “Dateline NBC.” His book, Influence: Science and Practice , now appears in ten languages.

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