Richard Flook & Karl Dawson – META-Medicine and EFT Matrix ReImprinting
All the attendants raved about this incredible 3 days back in August 2008.
Below are just a fraction of the things you will learn from the DVDs:

  • * The theory behind Matrix Reimprinting
  • * See meta-Medicine and Matrix Reimprinting live in action with clients with issues such as Pain, IBS, skin conditions and Bipolar disorder
  • * Why EFT works so well with meta-medicine and what EFT does to conflict shocks in the brain and the organs
  • * Discover how to find the root causes of all the major diseases in our Western culture.
  • * Learn how to find the original buried conflict shock that caused the disease using EFT paradigms.
  • * The process of a disease and why it is there, plus what to tap on and when.
  • * Use some of the meta-Medicine organ reframes to get behind the cause of a disease.
  • * The possibilities of solving mania and depression.
  • * Why some diseases just keep recurring like eczema and what to do to ensure they go.
  • * What are the triggers that cause a disease and how to use EFT to interrupt them so a disease is stopped in its tracks.
  • * How to apply EFT to simple issues like spots, IBS, Muscle ache, ear infections and other minor ailments.
  • * See lots of demonstrations and plenty of practical applications and exercises plus lots, lots more

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