Omid Ghiam – BAMF Affiliate Blueprint
This is a full A-Z guide on how to successfully launch affiliate and CPA marketing campaigns with Native Advertising.
Topics include:

  • Introduction + Mindset Needed
  • Introduction To The Blueprint (10:12)
  • What is Affiliate Marketing?
  • Flow of Money (19:22)
  • Understanding The Lingo (14:39)
  • Approach to Native Advertising
  • Logistics of How Native Ads Work & Why They Are Growing (17:04)
  • Best Affiliate Friendly Native Ad Networks + Why This Network Is The BEST One (11:24)
  • Examples of Successful Affiliate Marketing Campaigns (10:59)
  • Shortening The Optimization Time By Spying
  • How To Use This Amazing Spy Tool To View Everything About Successful Campaigns (27:03)
  • How To Manually Spy After Using Spy Tool For More Accuracy (18:03)
  • How To Make Money With Native Ads
  • Whitelist vs. Blacklist + What They Are and When To Use Which One (13:52)
  • Uncommon Strategy To Build Profitable Campaigns ASAP (Great For Low Budget) (6:44)
  • Getting Into Affiliate Networks
  • Why I Don’t Have A Specific Favorite Affiliate Network (9:13)
  • How To Get Into Almost Any Affiliate Network (15:15)
  • How To Get Affiliate Managers To Help You (What Questions To Ask) (6:38)
  • How To Set Up Your Landing Pages
  • How To Buy Your Domain + Web Hosting Options (13:38)
  • How To Connect Your Domain To Go Live (6:19)
  • How To Create Landing Pages From Scratch (9:13)
  • How To Swipe Landing Pages + How To Edit Them (21:51)
  • How To Make Your Landing Page Go Live On Your Domain (5:25)
  • How To Collect Emails To Build A List (Optional)
  • Trackers And Why You NEED Them
  • My Favorite Tracker (And Why) (8:18)
  • How To Set Up Your Campaign In Your Tracker + What To Track & How (31:59)
  • How To Track With Clickbank (Optional)
  • Ready For Launch!
  • Campaign Game Plan Rundown + Ad Image and Headline Variations (22:15)
  • Setting Up Your Ads In Revcontent
  • How To Properly Set Up Your Ad (Shown For Both Low and Large Budgets) (21:25)
  • How To Place Bids Accordingly + Best Time To Submit Ads (12:01)
  • How To Talk To Your Traffic Rep (Building A Good Relationship) (6:06)
  • Scaling & Optimizing
  • Reviewing Data (What To Look For To Optimize & Scale) (21:59)
  • Logistics Of Hitting 5-Figure Days With Native Ads (7:00)
  • Mastermind
  • Importance Of Masterminding With Other Affiliates (9:49)
  • Private Mastermind Group + Q&A’s (Student Access Only)
  • Bonus
  • Secret Opportunity (6:47)
  • Resources

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