Moneyball Trading Program

The 4 Week Traning 90-Day Transformation Proven Roadmap to Success!

What you’ll get:

  • 15 Hours of fresh never before seen videos and quizzes
  • Trading Basics: New traders start from the ground up, A-Z trading basics.
  • ​Supply & Demand: Learn the basics in depth where the big money is buying and selling and how we can join them.
  • Trends & Newtons Law Setups: Understand Multiple timeframe analysis and how trend changes using Newton Law in depth.
  • ​High Probability Trades: Have the ability to spot and trade at high probability based trades and avoid the low quality trades.
  • Top Down Analysis: Trade with a full TDA, entries, exits, targets, psychology, risk management and journal. Everything You need to become a profitable trader.
  • Guided Mentorship: Continue the education with a mentor everyday in chat, daily meetings and Q&A.
  • Network & Community: Be surrounded by other like minded traders

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