Mike Kabbani -The Client Getting SuperFunnel
What If…
You can wake up tomorrow…
…and have a long list of people DEMANDING to get into your program?
…future clients!!
What’s Included In The Dynamic Client SuperFunnel Program?

  • 1# Your Client Getting SUPER FUNNEL Automatically Turn Strangers Into Buyers
  • Now the VERY first thing we need to do is SETUP your client getting “SUPER FUNNEL”
  • Remember, those are the funnels that will automatically turn STRANGERS into BUYERS.
  • With you SuperFunnel you will NEVER have to sell to ANYONE who doesn’t want you FIRST.
  • I want you to ONLY talk with those that have DEMONSTRATED that they are willing to commit to you!
  • Because that’s the only way you can magnify your income and your impact.
  • I want you to actually IMPLEMENT and HAVE THE FUNNEL LIVE!
  • That’s why I will give you ALL the templates…
  • All the shortcuts…
  • I will literally give you the ONE CLICK SHARE FUNNEL!
  • (You literally will have my SUPER FUNNEL INSTANTLY in ClickFunnels).
  • You will have EVERYTHING you need to set this up and have it be automated…
  • How awesome is that???
  • Now it’s very important to remember that these 3 funnels MUST be setup in a VERY specific way…
  • I see so many people everyday get this wrong, and they don’t really understand the PURPOSE of each part… and they end up failing…
  • That’s why I teach you EXACTLY WHAT each part of is for AND HOW to set it up so it works perfectly.
  • 2# FACEBOOK FUNNEL How To Easily Get Profitable Clients From Facebook
  • Facebook is the absolute BEST place to get clients!
  • That’s why the Facebook Funnel you will have the FASTEST and SIMPLEST way to get profitable ads that get you clients from Facebook!
  • This is VERY important because a lot of Facebook training is about gimmicks and tricks that DO NOT WORK for getting clients. I will show you my exact templates and everything for Facebook.
  • We’re going to create the Facebook Ads TOGETHER.
  • I will show you exactly how to setup EVERYTHING…
  • And you won’t believe how SIMPLE all this is…
  • If you’ve never advertised before…
  • I will show my simple “NO LOSE” formula where I ALWAYS win in the long term, and only test $50 at a time…
  • You absolutely MUST get on Facebook ads if you want to get the highest value clients today, and with this training…
  • …and all the templates and coaching.
  • You WILL GET IT!
  • 3# High Ticket NO DRAMA + HIGH PROFIT Enrollment System
  • You need the high ticket enrollment script!
  • I will show you EXACTLY the way to enroll HIGH TICKET clients with NO DRAMA and NO PRESSURE.
  • This is literally fun and very easy.
  • You literally follow it and clients will HAPPILY enroll for your program.
  • The biggest mistake I used to make is that I didn’t understand the PSYCHOLOGY of high ticket sales.
  • And I found that using “old school” sales advice actually sabotages your results and pisses off your good prospects!!!
  • That’s why I will give you the EXACT script to use, word for word.
  • Plus I will walk you through it and explain the whole PSYCHOLOGY behind it:
  • The things to watch out for…
  • AND the opportunities to really maximize things…
  • 4# Genius Email Automation [Plug & Play Campaigns]
  • What if there was a way you can AUTOMATICALLY get EVEN MORE sales…
  • Well, there is!
  • With Intelligent Email Sequencing…
  • THESE are the absolute best “plug and play” email campaigns that you just take, personalize… and they will go to work
  • FOLLOWING UP with those future clients that were on the edge… but never applied…
  • These email sequences will do all the hard work for you…Just ACTIVATING these email campaigns in your SUPERFUNNEL can double or even TRIPLE the amount of clients that sign up…
  • This is so EASY to install and the results are so DISPROPORTIONAL that it’s a no brainer to add it!

Sales Page: https://mkinsiders.com/the-great-event-adventure
Download Files Size: 6.16GB
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