Mike Gual & Dave Espino – Local Merch Course
Make Money Today With The Local Merch By Amazon Business System | Mike Gual / Dave Espino
Class Curriculum

  • Welcome To The Local Merch Course!
  • Introduction To The Local Merch Business Model (2:33)
  • Meet Your Local Merch Instructor – Mike Gual (1:59)
  • Why The Local Merch Business Model Is So Exciting (1:06)
  • The Benefits Of The Local Merch Business Model To The Business (2:51)
  • You Can Do This TODAY (0:50)
  • How To Join The Private Local Merch Facebook Group!
  • Businesses LOVE This Promotion (3:02)
  • How This Promotion Benefits The Business (2:41)
  • This Promotion Can Lead To More Business For You (0:54)
  • How You Can Expand Your Services (2:01)
  • Updated Documents Added To The Course (14:04)
  • Read This BEFORE You Approach Businesses!
  • Let’s Take A Look At The Process, Step-By-Step
  • The Best Approach To Get An Appointment (5:11)
  • Getting The Appointment By Being Confident In Your Promotion (1:11)
  • Common Objections And How To Handle Them (3:08)
  • The Importance Of Follow Up For More Sales (1:07)
  • The Best Businesses To Approach (3:16)
  • Why These Are The Best Businesses To Approach (0:40)
  • Best Businesses To Approach – BONUS Cheat Sheet
  • What To Bring When Approaching A Business (1:55)
  • What To Bring When Approaching A Business – Dave’s Takeaways (0:44)
  • What To Bring On Approach – Bonus PDF
  • Example Business Card (Front And Back)
  • How To Present The T-Shirt Promotion To The Business (4:47)
  • What To Bring To Your Appointment / Presentation (1:07)
  • What To Bring On Appointment – Bonus PDF
  • Sample Postcard Ad Showing T-Shirt Promotion
  • Example Email Sent To Customers Of The Business
  • Example Of Sales For Mike’s Pizza Restaurant Client
  • Only Work With And Target THESE Businesses (2:45)
  • Specific Ways To Find Businesses AND The Email Approach (1:09)
  • The Email Approach And How To Do It (1:16)
  • Collecting Your Checks And How To Structure The Deal (2:41)
  • The No-Brainer, Super-Simple Design Process (1:08)
  • Additional Thoughts On The Design (0:53)
  • How To Do Six Figures With Local Merch – The Story Of The $235,000 Deal (4:04)
  • Conclusion (1:10)
  • Bonus Content And Resources For Your Local Merch By Amazon Business
  • Business Card Example
  • Bonus Video – Mike’s Email Prospecting Video (10:48)
  • SCRIPTS That will help you close the deal
  • SCRIPT – After You Get The Appointment – Closing The Deal

Sales Page: https://homebasedbusinessowner.usefedora.com/p/make-money-today-local-merch/
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