Michelle & Aimee – Passive Income Planner Girl

In this course, you’ll learn how to turn your zone of genius into a digital planner and use your digital planner as a launching pad to a business full of raving fans while honoring your desires, your personality, and your joy in the journey every step of the way.

Are you ready for a fresh start?

A new beginning?

In Passive Income Planner Girl, we walk you through 8 milestones of self-transformation and taking action from a place of self-alignment.

We know that the inner work is more important than the outer work. For this reason, the only part of the course that is really “tutorial-heavy” is the section where we teach you how to make your zone of genius planner.

Throughout the rest of the course, we care more about REMOVING all the stuff that you think you’re “supposed to do” and we help you realize that YOU are more important than your to do list.

Being WHO YOU REALLY ARE is always going to be more powerful than how many boxes you check off.

We’re never going to tell you to “pick a niche” and “serve your audience” because we believe that that puts your focus on the wrong place and you just end up drained, burnt out, and resentful.

We put the focus on YOU.

We believe that a niche is something you ATTRACT just by BEING WHO YOU ARE. You don’t have to figure out who they are or how they think or what they want. You just need to keep going all in on WHO YOU ARE and the energy you radiate from that place will attract your true fans.

We believe that serving your audience is a natural byproduct of TAKING CARE OF YOURSELF. When you put yourself first, we all get to come first. Instead of obsessing over “what does my audience want?”, we encourage you to ask yourself, “what do I want?” Your desires matter and when you honor your desires, your audience, your family, the world benefits without you even trying. That’s how powerful you are.

YOU are the most important ingredient in your recipe for success.

We want to help you turn your magic ALL THE WAY UP so that you can stop doing crap you hate doing in your business and BE more and enjoy the process of acting from your intuition and from what feels good FOR YOU.

We think differently in Passive Income Planner Girl…

  • This is not a course about how to become an expert at Etsy SEO. It’s about how to show up as the expert on YOU.
  • This is not a course about how to figure out what’s trending in search results so that you can offer the product “of the moment.” It’s about how you can create products that you actually give a damn about and can sell with passion for years and years, and enjoy making it better and better.
  • This is not a course about how to pick the perfect niche and customer avatar. It’s about how you can attract raving, lifelong fans to WHO YOU REALLY ARE as an ever evolving human being.

The Passive Income Planner Girl Framework:

Catching the Vision

See the big picture for going from selling a planner on Etsy to building a heart-centered, full-time business. Become aware of the MINDSET you need to cultivate along the way in order to actually move upward instead of around in circles.

Tapping into Your Zone of Genius

Wondering how on earth to identify your zone of genius? It’s already inside of you just waiting for you to shine a light on it. In this milestone, we dive into the mindset shifts needed to turn that light on full blast!

Creating Your Zone of Genius Planner

Turn your zone of genius into a digital planner. This is an exciting first step in creating a minimal viable product that attracts your true fans into a customer journey with you.

Launching Your Shop on Etsy

You don’t need to spend any time trying to build a shop from scratch when you’re just starting out. Get up and running on Etsy quickly and easily with our tips + templates so that you can keep moving and start selling!

Market Your Planners on Pinterest

Tap into the most powerful platform for generating traffic from a place of pinning what YOU love. We share how not restricting ourselves to pinning for a single niche has actually been one of the biggest reasons for why Pinterest has worked so well for us.

Open the Door to Money with a Customer Hub

At this point in your journey, you’re making a few sales a week on Etsy and you’re ready to take your customers to the next level with a Customer Hub! We explain why having a hub for your Etsy customers to sign into is so pivotal to growing your business BEYOND Etsy.

Create Your Quick & Dirty Mini Course

It’s time to create your quick and dirty mini course. Your customers want to take the next step with you! It is far easier to sell more to the customers you already have than it is to constantly try to create new customers. It’s time to create the next step in their journey.

Stepping into Abundance with Affiliates

Offer your products as an affiliate opportunity for your customers. The best form of marketing is customer marketing. Expand your business beyond your own efforts by building your affiliate army of happy customers!

Holding Space for Your Super Fans

Holding space for your online community of super fans (aka customers) starts with holding space for YOURSELF. Being honest about who you are and what gives you energy so that you can step out of people pleasing and step into enjoying the party. This module includes our thought process around our decision to quit social media as well.

What is a digital planner?

  • A digital planner is a PDF designed to look like a realistic planner giving all of the joy of paper planning without all the paper.
  • It’s mostly used on tablets that work with a stylus, such as the iPad with an Apple Pencil.
  • The customer uses their digital planner on a PDF annotation app such as Goodnotes or Noteshelf.
  • Different parts of the planner are hyperlinked (such as the tabs) in order to create a flip-through experience.

Passive Income Planner Girl is not about how to get rich on Etsy.

We prefer to use Etsy as a launching pad and a gateway to building a business BEYOND Etsy.

Our focus is on helping you craft your very own “Customer Journey”.

Your Customer Journey starts with your “Zone of Genius Planner” and ascends into offerings that allow your customers to experience greater levels of self-transformation.

But it starts with YOU.

It starts with YOU accepting the fact that you’re a freaking genius and turning your magic all the way up.

When you create from THAT place, you will ATTRACT customers who will love you for YOU and want to buy everything you make.

That is the definition of a true fan.

If you had 1000 true fans buy $100 worth of products from you over the period of a year, you would make $100,000!

If they buy $1000 worth of products from you, that’s a million dollar business.

So how do you attract 1000 true fans? How do you create $1000 worth of products? How do you grow your planner business BEYOND Etsy?

That is what we’re here to teach in this course.

It’s time to unlock your magic.

It’s time to create from what lights YOU up.

This course will show you how to build your customer journey as an expression of honoring who you really are and what you really love, instead of trying to fit yourself in a box to please a niche. It’s time to attract customers to WHO you are as a fully expressed human. That’s the energy that creates raving, true, lifelong fans.

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