Mark William – 7-Figure Facebook Ad Copy Templates

FB Advertisers…

Does this sound a lot like you?

  • Burning through thousands of dollars on FB ads only to get unprofitable results day after day…
  • Wondering why your ads just aren’t converting…
  • Struggling to come up with ideas on how to start your ad copy…
  • Having NO clue if your ad copy/creative will even convert or not…
  • Cherry-picking lines you think will work and mashing them together in your ad copy…

If you answered YES…

And you feel frustrated over not getting the results you desperately need…

Then this is your solution.

For the first time ever, I’m allowing you to grab our top-performing Facebook ad copy & creative templates at a ridiculously low price!

Save months of creative testing and wasted ad budget by using our plug-and-play templates that boosts sales and turn your business into a profit machine!

These Templates Helped My Agency Generate 7 Figures For Our Clients — And Now You Can Do It Too!

Let me ask you this:

How do you know if the ad copy you’ve written is good?

The only way is to TEST it out yourself.

It’s taken us years of testing, learning, and improving plus MILLIONS of dollars in ad spend to create these templates.

Needless to say, our copywriters were racking their brains trying to formulate ad copy templates that just sell – without failure.

But not everyone has the resources and expertise to do this…

So we’ve done the hard work for YOU.

We’re practically going to give away our cheat codes to turn uninterested prospects into loyal customers.

Skip all the hassles of writing ad copy from scratch.

Take advantage of these PROVEN templates now instead of blindly writing copy and stressing yourself out whether it will work or not..


Generating 7 figures from your FB Ads because they contain all elements of a high-performing copy… You’ll literally have these templates at your fingertips!

These aren’t your ordinary templates…

We designed these templates for one purpose: CONVERSION.

Watch them SUPERCHARGE your ads overnight.

Use them right now if you…

  • Don’t have hundreds of dollars to spend in initial testing.
  • Want to cut through all the trial-and-error that comes with testing a completely new offer.
  • Want to kick-start your journey to scaling your business – without the guesswork.

Just pick a template, plug in your offer and you’ll have written ad copy from a template that’s been PROVEN to work time and time again.

Writing FB ad copy doesn’t have to be a brain-melting, complicated process anymore…

We’ve just made it 1000x easier for you.

Here’s what you’ll get:

Template #1: Call Out Their Desires — What your prospects desire isn’t impossible but they don’t know that yet – let them know that your offer is the only solution.

Template #2: Pain vs. Desires — Use this to agitate your prospect’s problems and show them why it doesn’t have to be this way through benefit-driven statements.

Template #3: Paint A Picture — This template is designed to paint a vivid picture of your prospect’s desired outcomes and sets your offer up as the #1 solution to achieve that.

Template #4: Why Us/Why We’re Better — Highlight your unique mechanism – the “secret sauce” that no other can replicate – it’s the reason why your customers buy from you and no one else.

Template #5: People Can’t Get Enough! — Let your customer do the selling for you – take advantage of social proof to build trust and credibility among prospects.

Template #6: Fear-Based Copy — Target your prospect’s fears by stating a shocking fact/statistic related to the problem they’re facing.

Template #7: Pain-Based Copy — The PAS formula (Problem, Agitate, Solve) at it’s finest. After your prospects read this, they’ll be reaching for their wallets ready to give you their money.

Template #8: Long-Form Testimonial — A short and sweet template that uses the power of social proof to turn prospects into loyal customers.

Template #9: Use Their Own Questions — You can’t go wrong with this template. It’s probably the most common ad copy style on Facebook.

Template #10: Benefit + Feature — A simple, benefit-driven copy that speaks for itself. Show how each feature will deliver a specific benefit to your customers.

Template #11: Be Controversial To Catch Attention — Use this template to instantly grab your prospect’s attention and force them to read through your whole copy.

Template #12: Imagine This — This template heavily relies on future-pacing to put your prospects in the right mindset to buy.

Template #13: Stories Sell — Think of this template as a friendly conversation between two people.

Template #14: Back In Stock! — This template convinces your prospects to buy right NOW in fear that stock will run out again soon.

Template #15: For A Fraction Of The Price — Use this template to break down how much your prospect is going to save in comparison to other competitors/alternatives.

I don’t just want you to succeed, I want you to scale from $XXX to $XXX,XXX at light speed.

So if you wanna skip through all the nitty gritty of conceptualizing, writing, and perfecting your own ad copy,

Use our 7-Figure Facebook Ad Copy Templates.

Hurry! Get them now (the price won’t be this low again)!

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