Logan C. Kane – High Finance: The Secrets Wall Street Doesn’t Want You to Know

Wall Street is lying to you. Just like the friendly folks at the casino, stockbrokers and financial advisors systematically take money out of your pocket and put it in their pocket. This book shows you how they do it and how you can stop them. High Finance has helped thousands of people around the world turn the tables on Wall Street, and it is guaranteed to help you too.


  • Examples of winning stock and option trades the author made and how you can replicate them.
  • Why commissions and fees are the number one obstacle facing most investors and traders, and how you can drastically reduce them, regardless of your trading style.
  • A simple secret that makes you a little more profit on every trade, by applying the power of negotiation to the stock market.
  • How credit card lending became one of America’s most profitable industries, and how investors can get a piece of the action through P2P lending.
  • A trick to passively generate capital gains when investing in bonds.
  • An introduction to the elegantly simple Kelly Criterion, used initially by professional gamblers. The Kelly Criterion helps you control risk when trading and maximize your average profit.
  • How eastern philosophy and psychology can help you improve your trading game.
  • Formulas for estimating stock and bond returns.
  • A quick overview of asset protection strategies.
  • Tax saving moves for investors at every income level, and much more.

Logan C. Kane has helped countless people with his techniques and strategies, and he can help you too.

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