Local YouTube For Cash Confidential
The Complete Guide To 6 Figures With
YouTube Ads and Commercials
You will discover…

  • How to spend LESS on YouTube ads and actually make more.
  • What you must do at once if a client complains about results.
  • What Youtube wont tell you about their requirements.
  • What to watch when you first start running ads.(missing this can be costly)
  • Four ways to design your ads to get the most views and clicks.
  • Why YouTube ads are perfect for the most impatient clients.
  • The 30 minute YouTube campaign management strategy
  • The big, stupid Fortune 500 dinosaurs wish they got these kinds of ROI
  • 3 often overlooked elements to a great video.
  • Don’t run your FIRST ad until you read THIS.
  • Does your client understand the objective of YouTube Ads?
  • Without this ONE PAGE most YouTube campaigns are doomed.
  • Do I need a talented movie director to produce a Youtube commercial?
  • The TWO types of YouTube ads- which is better?
  • REVEALED: The 3 Mistakes which cause video suicide
  • What makes a successful YouTube Ad?
  • If You think “Instream” ads aren’t watched…you’d be wrong
  • How Long should the commercial video be?
  • Complete Case Study revenue and profit breakdown
  • If you’ve got just 30 minutes you can make a lead-grabbing video.
  • By learning this one unusual secret, you will easily spike your video views.
  • What you don’t have to tell the client — and how to prevent a “fishing expedition” about what you are doing.

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