Local Profits 360
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LocalProfits360 It’s a Complete Business

  • Module #1
  • Search Leads
  • Using our proven-to-work software, you can search for leads using any niche and any location you want. You have many options that will make it even easier for you to filter only the leads that have problems that can be fixed.
  • Module #2
  • Generate Local Report
  • Generate Local Report for any lead you want. Use this to discover what kind of problems they have. Anything from presence on Yelp to checking if it has Google Rich Snippets. This module has more than 20 must-have stats you can check!
  • Module #3
  • Contact & Close Deal
  • After you learned everything about particular leads, you can start to contact them and point what are they problems and how you can help them. They will pay you for that!

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