Local Job Board Killer

Lets face it, the hiring process is about as exciting as cleaning a toilet to most business owners…
Consider this; The average job opening attracts 250+ resumes, yet only 2% of those applicants will be called for an interview.
The interview process will take 22.9 days on average according to Glassdoor…
…and the entire process will take five to six weeks just to extend a job offer!

You will learn exactly how to:

  • Why Monster.com, CareerBuilder, Indeed.com, ZipRecruiter and Craigslist are havens for liars.
  • What Job poster boards are REALLY about.(not what you think)
  • Where ‘get-rich schemers’, click-baits , and outright scammers hang out…you’ll be shocked.
  • How Bogus applicants destroy the job search process!
  • Finally!: Why our solution needs NO hard sell.
  • Why “REVERSE RECRUITING” is more than just an expression.(how it works)
  • AD content matters, but not as much as THIS…
  • CRAZY? Your Client no longer needs a website to recruit!
  • Easily command $375 – $500 + a month for the service (at that price, sales resistance is practically nil.)
  • Revealed: Additional Offline services that are a natural fit.
  • Why you will never “Claim” a client’s assets in Facebook.
  • The RIGHT way to ask the prospect client for business.
  • How To quickly find the best clients for the service.
  • The one Sure-Fire way to get prospects to respond almost 100% of the time!
  • Use Facebook? Yes. Post On Their Job Board? No.
  • The parts of the Job Description you MUST have.
  • The slick trick to setting the correct ad budget.
  • Targeting DEEPER and DEEPER for better results.
  • The secret to HIJACKING traffic from then big job boards like Careerbuilder & Monster!
  • Using the “Conversion Trick” not available on other platforms!
  • Why the clever “Take Away” approach works so well in these ads …and how to do it.
  • How to target businesses that can’t seem to fill positions.
  • The 2 Best ways to reach out to clients (proven to work)
  • A Caution about what your message must NOT say!
  • Email swipe files that are working right now.
  • How much to charge, and how to get paid. We share the important details
  • And MUCH, MUCH More…

Sale Page : https://mikepaulonline.com/local-job-board-killer/

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