Lisa Sasevich – Speak-to-Sell Virtual Bootcamp – Spring 2015
Finally – A proven system for coaches, consultants, experts, and service professionals dedicated to increasing sales from live and online stages, webinars, podcasts, networking events, and videos!
The 5 Modules of Speak-to-Sell

  • Each module will build on the next, and every step of the way you’ll BECOME MORE CONFIDENT!
  • Module 1
  • Craft Your Irresistible Offer
  • Your Irresistible Offer is the heart of your sale. You’ll get crystal clear on the outcome your clients will receive from you and know how to effectively communicate it so they have what they need to say YES on-the-spot.
    We start here because your offer is the core of your Speak-to-Sell™ Talk and frankly, the core of your business.
  • Everything you do should be reverse engineered to lead to your offer so that you can make the difference and the money you deserve to make.
  • You’ll discover…
  • How to craft an offer you love and that sells! Get clear on your offer and how to articulate it so your ideal clients can’t wait to invest with you.
  • Easy ways to add urgency while still delivering immense value. Not being slimy or hype-y. You feel authentic and powerful, never desperate
  • How you can leverage your service to increase your reach and rates by 10-40X
  • How to quickly determine the perfect price for your products and programs. PLUS: Sample Order Forms you can model
  • The mindset behind the money — to make it easy for you to feel good and confident while you’re making your offer, be it for a 1:1 consult or direct to an on-the-spot sale!
  • Module 2
  • Position Yourself for Credibility & Trust
  • Create a powerful introduction and ensure you have the RIGHT story and the RIGHT messaging to support your offer. This module is all about creating credibility and connection quickly because what you say in the first 10 minutes is the secret to having breakthrough sales results in the last 10 minutes!
  • You’ll discover…
  • How to create an instant connection with your audience so you quickly become someone they know, like and trust (and remember, people buy from people they know, like and trust)
  • THE story that connects you to your audience and your offer. There are many stories you can tell, but there is ONE story that make it perfectly clear why you do what you do and why your ideal client need what you have
  • A simple formula you can use forever to position yourself anytime, anywhere. You’ll use it to create talks that sell online in webinars, podcasts, livestreams, Facebook lives, or live in- person from stages, workshops, networking events, or one-to-one appointments. You’ll be confident and ready for a quick stand up intro at a networking event or busting out a welcome video for your home page
  • Timing! Know how much time to spend on each section of your talk to keep transitions smooth and still deliver value
  • How to use a structure (not a word-for-word script) that allows you to be in the moment and STILL maximize your sales
  • Module 3:
  • Seed to Invite Pursuit
  • This is the “secret sauce” and what set’s Lisa’s Speak-to-Sell method apart. Knowing how to “seed” while you speak so you provide valuable content while simultaneously creating hunger and desire is the key to inspiring on-the-spot “yes-es” and have your ideal clients invest in your work. When you follow this simple formula you’ll hit all the markers, boost sales, and even have your clients thank you!
  • You’ll discover…
  • 12 ways to “seed” your Speak-to-Sell Talk using case studies, client success stories, your personal story, testimonials and more so that you get results AND feel authentic.
  • The art and science of giving a ton of immediate value while leaving your ideal clients hungry for more (Yes, you’ll never see that glazed over look in their eyes because you “over stuffed” them again!)
  • Why inviting pursuit versus “pursuing sales” leads to effortless sales and is the key to not being sales-y
    Lisa’s formula for Telling Killer Stories: You don’t have to be creative or an author to craft a compelling story that hooks your audience in, connects them to you and inspires them to take action.
  • Specific seeding examples you can model and use throughout your business, online and offline.
  • Module 4
  • How to “Close” – Seamlessly Transition From Your Content to Your Offer
  • Yes, “the close” can become your favorite part. You’ll effortlessly transition from sharing valuable content to making an offer for your program or services in a way that feels good to you and to your audience.
  • You’ll discover…
  • What to Sell When You Speak: This is Lisa’s paint-by-numbers flow chart on when to sell and what to sell whether you’re delivering your talk and your offer on a webinar, podcast, or live stage – big or small
  • The importance of the one-to-one strategy session and free gift offers and exactly how to leverage those if you’re not allowed to sell (we’ll show you how to attract QUALIFIED leads from any audience!)
    7 simple steps for a painless transition from your Talk to your Irresistible Offer (Making your offer will become your favorite part!)
  • The RIGHT way to use testimonials to make a real impact instead of tooting your own horn.
    Sample order forms to use in any situation and exactly how and when to get them into your ideal clients hands in a way that feels good. In fact, they’ll be asking YOU for it!
  • Module 5
  • Maximize Every Opportunity
  • Learn other techniques that can help you squeeze every drop of goodness from each opportunity. The most money, sales, new clients, leads for your list, JV opportunities, invitations to speak at other events, social media opportunities, etc.
  • You’ll discover…
  • Grow your list strategies. A VERY important reason to get out there as much as possible!
  • How to keep the sales you made and minimize returns.
  • The secret for turning each gig (live or online) into more gigs – so much easier than soliciting new opportunities all the time.
  • How to connect your message and speaking to your social media efforts – you’ll spread your expertise and build your tribe faster than you ever imagined.
  • Exactly how to get new, powerful testimonials that pack a punch and help you sell more

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