Sime Bugarija – Learn archviz visualization, Blender beginner course 2021

Archviz in Blender in 100min, Step by step course 2021

What you’ll learn

  • Visualization in architecture
  • Modeling, texturing, lighting, scene setting
  • 6 blender modifiers (array, mirror, bevel, boolean, solidify, subdivision surface
  • Learn all the tools to create anything in 3D
  • final .blend file with models, textures and post precessing


  • No, the course is adapted for beginners


After completing this course, you will be able to create a toilet scene as in the picture. You will know the basics of 3d modeling, lighting, and texturing in a free but very powerful 3d program Blender.

No previous knowledge of Blender is required to complete the course. The final .blend file as well as all the textures and links used in the video is available to users.

  • All videos are made in 4k resolution, you can download them instead of watching them via udemy interface in 720p
  • Subtitles are burned inside the video for easy understanding

What we all learn in the course:

Video 01 18 min

  • Setting the scene
  • Shortcut keys in Blender (throughout the course)
  • Face orientation and Scale
  • Selection in Blender
  • Setting up the camera
  • Render settings
  • Lighting
  • Environment and HDRI files
  • Node Wrangler addon
  • Start of modeling in Blender
  • Reference image in Blender
  • Modeling hex tiles
  • Bevel modifier
  • Creating collections
  • Array modifier

Video 02 24 min

  • Boolean modifier
  • Modeling cabinet
  • Modeling tap
  • Solidify modifier
  • destructive bevel vs. bevel modifier
  • Modeling toilet
  • Subdivision surface modifier

Video 03 12 min

  • Modeling wall socket
  • Mirror modifier
  • Addon Loop tool
  • Parent objects and main selected object
  • Modeling small shelf

Video 04 12 min

  • Modeling Mirror
  • Import the model into Blender

Video 05 13 min

  • Texturing in Blender
  • Materials
  • Nodes
  • Principled BSDF
  • Maps

Video 06 26 min

  • UV Mapping
  • Surface Imperfections
  • Import Shaders
  • Blender denoising
  • Color management

Who this course is for:

  • Creatives who are interested in design or want to enter the 3d world, as well as more advanced Blender users

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